Cooper Hopfer

May 20th was the day that Michael Hopfer died in 1877.  Michael Hopfer came to America as part of the Gruber group at the end of 1839 and settled in the area designated as Paitzdorf (later changed to Uniontown).  The passenger list from the Johann Georg and census records list him as being a cooper, … More Cooper Hopfer

Maria Boettcher – An Answer to Jacob’s Prayers

June of 1849 was a tragic month in the life of Jacob Kalbfleisch, who lived in St. Louis and was a member of Rev. C.F.W. Walther’s congregation.  This is how this tragedy is described from a family tree on “Tragically, very shortly after their arrival in St. Louis the cholera epidemic swept through St. … More Maria Boettcher – An Answer to Jacob’s Prayers

Another Fertile Father

Not long ago, we did a few blog posts concerning J.G. Hemman who fathered so many children.  J.G. came to America with the Gruber group in December of 1839.  There was another fertile father in the Gruber group.  His name was August Friedrich Wilhelm Engert.  I ran across his name today because his first wife, … More Another Fertile Father