Cooper Hopfer

michael hopfer
Michael Hopfer

May 20th was the day that Michael Hopfer died in 1877.  Michael Hopfer came to America as part of the Gruber group at the end of 1839 and settled in the area designated as Paitzdorf (later changed to Uniontown).  The passenger list from the Johann Georg and census records list him as being a cooper, a maker of barrels.

Michael Hopfer passenger list
Michael Hopfer – Passenger list 1839

Michael brought with him to America a wife, Justine (Quass) Hopfer, and two children, Amalia (age 3) and August (9 months).  After arriving here, the couple had nine more children.

Michael was one of 17 children born to his parents in Germany.  Eight of those children had died at a young age prior to Michael’s departure to the United States.

Grace Lutheran Church in Uniontown has three cemeteries.  Both Michael and his wife, Justine, are buried in what is called the Middle Cemetery.  There are only nine people buried in the Middle Cemetery.

A previous blog post told the story of Michael and Justine’s oldest daughter, Amalia.  That post told about how Amalia has the distinction of being the last of the original immigrants to die in Perry County.  That post can be found HERE.

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  1. Thank You recalls the Death of Michael Hopfer . Here is a link to the birthplace von Michael Hopfer, Heukewalde, “” Michael Hopfer was my Great-, Great- Granduncle.

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