Another Multiple Wedding in Altenburg

Jahn marriages 1859.jpg

Yesterday, our blog post mentioned that Maria Jahn married Johann Gottfried Schuessler on May 19, 1859.  Maria was not the only Jahn to be married on that day.  Her brother, Friedrich Jahn married Magdalena Kaufmann on the same day.  It was a double wedding, and it might have occurred in the 1845 church.  Back in those days, baptisms and weddings often took place in people’s homes.  Rev. J.P. Beyer presided.  It was a Thursday.  And if that wasn’t enough, not even two weeks later, Magdalena Kaufmann’s sister-in-law, Christiane (Mueller) Kaufmann (now a widow) married Johann Gotthold Darnstaedt, a widower.  Friedrich and Magdalena were newlyweds, having been married a mere 12 days when Christiane got married.

A while back, we posted a story about a triple wedding that took place at Trinity.  That post can be found HERE.

The Jahn family arrived in America as part of the major group of immigrants headed up by Rev. Martin Stephan.  The Schuessler family came over with the Gruber group which arrived in Perry County in December of 1839.  The Kaufmann family had first come to America in 1836 and lived in New York before traveling with a group to Perry County, arriving right about the time that Rev. Stephan was being rowed across the river.  This group was called the New York group.

The Jahn siblings were part of the Gottfried and Dorothea (Schmidt) Jahn family.  By the time of the double wedding in 1859, Dorothea had already died.

Jahn weddings 1859
Missouri Marriage Records

Pastor Beyer was a pretty new pastor in Altenburg, having arrived in 1858.  This was a tumultuous time here in Altenburg.  Rev. Georg Schieferdecker had recently been removed as pastor from this church and had taken about a third of the congregation with him to start another Lutheran church in Altenburg.  That church would become Immanuel Lutheran Church.  So I guess you could say that while churches were dividing, couples were still being united in marriage.

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