An Austrian Carpenter Marries a Local Girl

Meyr-Haecker marriage record
Meyr-Haecker Marriage Certificate

On June 12 in 1881, Rev. J.F. Koestering had the privilege of uniting Gottlieb Samuel Meyr and Anna Sarah Haecker in marriage at Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg.  Sarah’s father was one of the original immigrants, coming to America aboard the Olbers.  Gottlieb’s family immigrated to America from Austria in 1853.  Both Gottlieb and Sarah were baptized at Trinity.

Gottlieb Meyr Family

Gottlieb was a carpenter by trade.  His handiwork can be found throughout East Perry County to this day.  One of his last projects was building the Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid house across the street from the church.  It was built in 1927.

Trinity Ladies Aid Building.JPG
Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid building – Altenburg

Sarah Meyr’s father, Friedrich was quite an accomplished artist.  It is likely that Sarah must have learned some drawing techniques from her father.  Here is an example of Friedrich’s work.

Friedrich Haecker drawing
Friedrich Haecker drawing

Gottlieb also had an interest in music.  He was a member of the band in New Wells, Missouri for a time.  New Wells was a settlement where many Austrian immigrants settled.

New Wells Band

There are many people who are very involved with the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum who count themselves in the group that are descendants from Gottlieb and Sarah Meyr.  Included in this group are Evelyn Meyr, Kathy Birkbigler, Pat Borgman, and all the members of the Robert Fiehler family.  And we cannot forget that Vernon Meyr, whose estate made the new portion of our museum building possible, is a member of this family.  The Perry County Lutheran Historical Society would have a very difficult time functioning without these fine folks.  We are happy that Gottlieb and Sarah made the choice in 1881 to become husband and wife.

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