The First Sermon

The year was 1867.  Construction on the new church sanctuary in Altenburg was now complete.  It was no longer necessary to haul heavy stones from a creek bed near Wittenberg.  The furnishings, including the new altar, were finished.  The pews had been installed.  The time had come to dedicate this beautiful new building.  It was … More The First Sermon

Junior’s Grandpa

One of our museum’s most faithful out-of-town visitors is affectionately called “Junior” by his friends and family.  His given name is Walter Doering, and since his father also carried the same name, that makes him “Junior”.  Note:  Around here this name is pronounced “Daring”. Today’s story is about Junior’s grandpa, whose name was Wilhelm Gustave … More Junior’s Grandpa

Shorty and Leona

When I write stories for this blog, it is usually about people who lived and died a long time ago.  When I do research for these stories, it is actually easier to do so because there are privacy laws which protect the public from getting at more recent records.  For example, the last Federal census … More Shorty and Leona

Captain J.J. Seibel

On June 2, 1864, Johann Jacob Seibel married Matilda McCauley.  Our German Family Tree says that this marriage is in the Perry County Marriage Records, but it’s a record I could not find on  I am not in Altenburg today, so I cannot research this further, but this is a story I really want … More Captain J.J. Seibel

Tin Man

Today would have been the 109th anniversary of Paul Moeckel and Agnes Mueller of Altenburg.  They were married on June 1, 1908 at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Perryville.  It is a little bit confusing to me that these two would be married in Perryville.  Indications are that Paul was a member of Trinity, Altenburg, and … More Tin Man