Meyer-Meier Marriage

Meyer, Meier, and Meyr are three different family names common in East Perry County’s history.  Today we discuss the marriage between two of these familiies….a marriage of a Meyer and a Meier.

Meyer-Meier marriage
Meyer-Meier marriage record – Salem, Farrar

Joachim Meyer was the groom.  His birthday occurred on this day, July 17 in 1863.  At that time, America was in the midst of the Civil War.  However, Joachim was born in the Hanover area in Germany.  His family would come to America in 1883.

Engel Meier was the bride.  She was born on August 6, 1865 in the same Hanover area of Germany.  She arrived in America with her family aboard the Frankfort in 1869.

Joachim found his angel (Engel), and on April 14, 1887, the two were married at Salem Lutheran Church in Farrar, Missouri.  The couple would have four daughters and one son.  The son only lived one day.  Below is a photo of this family.

Joachim and Engel Meyer
Joachim and Engel Meyer family

With them only having daughters, the Meyer name would not get passed along to the next generation from this branch.  At least that would be the case if none of daughters married a Meier, a Meyr, or a Meyer.

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A story about another Engel is The Birth of an Angel

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