They Came from North Carolina – Part 1

Chalmer Vest Morrison was born on August 16, 1890 in Perry County, Missouri. I was attracted to this name primarily because it is connected to Perry County Lutheran history, but the name does not sound German…..and it isn’t.  Chalmer’s parents were John A. and Martha (Self) Morrison, who, as near as I can tell, were members of Brazeau Presbyterian Church.  Many of the members of the church in Brazeau, Missouri, about four miles north of Frohna, had migrated to Perry County from Rowan County, North Carolina around 1819 when that congregation was founded.

During the early years of the German settlement in Perry County, members of the Brazeau Presbyterian Church can be credited with helping the Germans survive.  They brought food and supplies for the newly arrived immigrants who were suffering terribly.  They also were able to give much advice concerning what crops would grow well here, as well as how to recognize and avoid potential hazards such as venomous snakes and poison ivy.

We have records that indicate that Chalmer was confirmed at Concordia Lutheran Church in 1915 when he was 25 years old.  One possibile reason for his joining the Lutheran church is that he may have been asked to do that in order to get married to Hedwig “Hattie” Bock at Grace Lutheran Church in Uniontown later in 1915.

Morrison Bock marriage record
Morrison/Bock Marriage Record – Grace, Uniontown

Not long after their marriage, Chalmer had to register for the World War I draft.

Chalmer Morrison WWI draft
Chalmer Morrison WWI Draft Registration 1917

His place of birth is listed as Schalls, Missouri which is an area between Brazeau and Farrar, Missouri.  You can also see that he was employed by the Frohna Bank as a cashier.  The 1920 census also indicates that he was working at that bank.  The Frohna bank was only in operation from 1914-1927.  Here is a photo of that bank building as it looks today.  It is now a residence.

Frohna Bank Building

The 1930 census lists Chalmer and his family as living in Uniontown with his occupation given as farmer.  Chalmer died in 1932 at the early age of 41.  He is buried in the Grace, Uniontown Cemetery.

Chalmer Morrison gravestone

Chalmer’s grandfather, Andrew Ramsey Morrison, is buried in the Brazeau Prebyterian Church Cemetery.  Chalmer’s father is also buried there.

Andrew Ramsey Morrison gravestone
Andrew Ramsey Morrison gravestone – Brazeau

Tomorrow, I plan to backtrack a couple generations to point out some interesting aspects about the Morrisons and their roots in North Carolina.  I think you will find it well worth your while to visit this blog again tomorrow to see Part 2 of the story.

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