Uniontown Weber’s

I call some the Frohna Weber’s, some the Altenburg Weber’s, some The Ridge Weber’s, and even some the Boat Weber’s (who came in the original immigration in 1839). I did not expect to find some Uniontown Weber’s, but the Weber couple you will read about today is one that ended up living in the Uniontown … More Uniontown Weber’s

The Meister, a Twin, and a Minnie in Capp’s Creek

The main character in today’s post has just one lonely document indexed in our German Family Tree. As you can see, Theodore Meister was born on this day in 1876, making him today’s birthday boy. A previous post, The Senior Meister and HisĀ Angel, was written about his parents, Anton and Gabriele (Hopfer) Meister. There were … More The Meister, a Twin, and a Minnie in Capp’s Creek

Kurreville Store

The information shown below from our German Family Tree is the starting point for today’s post. As you can see, there is not much there. It contains only a baptism record and a marriage record from Grace Lutheran Church. As of the time of this writing, the German Family Tree does not contain records for … More Kurreville Store