Research Crew

We don’t have much of a blog today.  The reason.  Gerard Fiehler and I got sidetracked.  We started by looking at some more Wagner info that we got thanks to our friend, Kathy Berkbigler, then found a Dr. Schulz, which led us to a Busch, and we ended looking at the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Corporation, including a ghost story from Washington, Missouri.  In other words, we were all over the place.  Nothing congealed into a blog post……….yet.  We might have to down a few brews for that to happen.

2 thoughts on “Sidetracked

  1. Sarah would love to find any kind of early ingredient list or recipe, she said with a bit of information she could make a “Heritage batch” brew.
    I also find it interesting that Anhauser an Mr. Busch went to Germany and brought back Mr. Diesel who developed and manufactured large Diesel engines in St. Louis for the purpose of generating electricity to make ice.
    They were known as the Busch Salzer engine, several examples exist at the Jackson power plant today


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