Apples and Appliances

Noennig Appliance Store

Gottfried and Anna (Kuehnert) Noennig and their family were quite the entrepreneurs in Altenburg after the turn of the century.  The family purchased several pieces of property in the Altenburg area and began growing fruit trees.  Their orchards became very productive, and they became well-known for the quality of their apples and peaches.

Noennig Orchard

In addition to the orchards, the Noennig family began an appliance business in town.  You can see an early picture of that store in the first photo.  Here is later photo which also shows a fruit stand which operated when the fruit was in season.

Noennig Appliance Store with Fruit Stand

If you come to Altenburg now, there are only a few reminders left of the Noennig family and their businesses.  Below is a photo of what is left of their appliance store.  The house next to the appliance store was once the Theodore Noennig home, and the next house down the road was the home of Gottfried Noennig.

Noennig Buildings

The family photo below was taken in front of the Gottfried Noennig home.


Here is another angle on the appliance store.


If you know where to look, you can find a few old fruit trees that were once part of their orchards, but these trees are no longer very productive.

I cannot resist also showing you a photo we have of a baseball team sponsored by the Noennigs, the Noennig Flying Red Horses (based on the old Mobil gasoline icon).  I had an Uncle Arnold Schmidt who supposedly managed this team, and also an Uncle Rudy that played.




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  1. just an observation abt the ball players of the Flying Red Horses–none are the least bit overweight, all thin and fit
    just sayin’


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