Wife, Mother, Grandmother of the Noennig Clan

Today would have been the 155th birthday of Anna (Kuehnert) Noennig.  I have written a previous post about the Noennig family which included Anna.  It was titled, Apples and Appliances.  However, in that article, almost all the attention went to the men in the family.  Today, I hope to focus on Anna, the matriarch of … More Wife, Mother, Grandmother of the Noennig Clan

The 3M Company

Martha Marie Telle was born on June 30, 1870.  When she later married Gottfried Heinrich Mueller, she became Martha Marie Mueller.  Thus, the reason for the reference to 3M in the title.  Today’s story is about this Martha’s family.  I say “this” Martha because she is not the only Martha Telle who lived in the … More The 3M Company

Apples and Appliances

Gottfried and Anna (Kuehnert) Noennig and their family were quite the entrepreneurs in Altenburg after the turn of the century.  The family purchased several pieces of property in the Altenburg area and began growing fruit trees.  Their orchards became very productive, and they became well-known for the quality of their apples and peaches. In addition … More Apples and Appliances

Youngest of the Jahns

Today would have been the 155th anniversary of Gottfried and Sarah (Jahn) Wachter.  They were married in 1861 at Trinity Lutheran Church by Rev. J.P. Beyer.  Sarah Jahn (pronounced YON or YAWN) was the youngest of the children in the Gottfried Jahn family that was part of the original immigration.  Sarah was not born until … More Youngest of the Jahns

A Prolific Father

On this day, June 23, in 1864, as the Civil War was getting close to its end, Johann Gottfried Hemmann died.  He was one of the most productive fathers in the history of Perry County, Missouri. Right before the immigration to America in 1838, Gottfried’s first wife, Maria (Bachmann) died.  This couple had had eight … More A Prolific Father

God in a Name

I don’t have much time to research for a post today with grandchildren in town, but here is a short article.  Maybe you have noticed a lot of names which are mentioned in this blog that have the letters GOTT in them.  Gott is the German word for God.  Our German ancestors’ faith is evident … More God in a Name

Tell It Like It Was

I am posting this blog under my own name today, not the Research Crew, because I will be stating some of my opinions, not just the facts. Today’s story begins with the fact that Friedrich Immanuel Estel was born on this day, April 30, in 1832, before he came to America as part of the … More Tell It Like It Was