Old Time L.A.

Around here, there are a few people who refer to the east side of Altenburg……past the downtown area, past the church and museum……as Lower Altenburg.  It is just fun to say that you are from L.A.  I happen to live in L.A.  It is a part of town that is not as often visited because most of Altenburg’s attractions are more toward the west.  About the only way to enter Altenburg is from the west, so most people have reached their destinations before they get to L.A.  However, residents of this area will tell you that many, many trucks travel through L.A. to and from Altenburg Hardwood hauling lumber or lumber-to-be.

Today, we will discuss an old photo of L.A.


The first house on the left is the Martin Seibel house.  Two pertinent blog posts have already been written about Martin’s father and mother, Gotthold and Louise (Koestering) Seibel.  Those posts were Koestering Store and Your Pastor for a Father-in-Law.  The original Seibel house can be found not far toward the west on Main Street.  Martin Seibel ran the lumber yard in Altenburg which was also located not far to the west of this photograph.  He was married to Hulda Ahner.

The next house in line is the home of Ferdinand Buck.  He worked at the creamery in Altenburg.  What makes him interesting with respect to this photo is that Ferdinand was married to Alma Seibel, the sister to his next door neighbor, Martin Seibel.

The next house in line is not labeled in this photograph, but I have been told that Edgar Palisch once made his home there.  Edgar was married to Nelda Renata Perr.

Finally, in the background is the home of Friedrich Groh.  A previous blog post was written about Friedrich’s father…..Trinity’s Tischler.  Friedrich was a painter, and he was married to Agnes Schuessler.

Here is a photo of this same view in L.A. that was taken this morning.


There are so many large trees that you cannot see the Groh house in the background, but it is still there.  And speaking of trees, you can see how large the tree in front of the Seibel house has grown since the first photo was taken.

For additional perspective, it may help you to know that I took this photo from almost right in front of the Trinity Cemetery.

Next time you visit East Perry County, make sure you come out to see L.A.

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