Another Wedding Provision in a Will

Fred Eggers

Today’s blog post is the first one done by Fred Eggers.  Fred is a valuable member of our research team at the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum.  Fred has a passion for history and has become an expert in the history of this area.  Fred is especially our “go to” guy when we have questions about the Farrar community.  For this particular blog post, Fred was also assisted by his brother, Cal.

On October 19, 1902 Anna Catharina Sticht married Johann Schlesselman.  She was born on March 19, 1881 and baptized at Salem Lutheran Church in what is now Farrar.  The Sticht family had emigrated to the area from the village of Köven which is just north of Lamstedt in the former Kingdom of Hanover.

The $15 Wedding Blog on October 7 caught the eye of my brother Cal in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He recalled that someone had found a provision for a wedding in the will of one of the Sticht family in Farrar.   A search of found the Last Will and Testament of John H. Sticht who died on April 4, 1900 at Farrar.

John H. Sticht will

Mr. Sticht divided his real estate among his three sons Heinrich, Johann August, and Hermann then provided that Hermann pay Sophia (Margaretha Sophia), who was married to Arthur Mueller and living out of the area, fifty dollars and pay Anna one hundred fifty dollars “and give her a wedding feast and an Endowment out of my old Homestead”.

We have to wonder if the wedding feast was paid for by Anna’s brother since she was married to Johann Schlesselman at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Lincoln Township, Iowa County, Iowa as found in the Iowa Marriage Records on

Schlesselman/Sticht marriage record


According to a comment made on the extensive Schlesselman Family Tree on by Paul Christopher Schlesselman, a genealogist for that family from Wichita, Kansas that did research at the Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum in 2014, “The story goes that Johann Diedrich ‘John’ placed an advertisement in a German Language newspaper that he was looking for a wife. Anna Sticht from Missouri answered, and later she came by train to Iowa.”  Johann had emigrated from the town of Sittensen which is just eight miles north of Scheßel which is likely the source of his family name and the area from which many Perry County families originated.

Apparently the long distance courtship worked and the marriage was successful.  This is a photo of Johann and Anna and their three oldest sons, Martin (born 1903) Albert (born 1906) and Walter (born 1910).  They raised a total of five children.  John lived until 1949 and Anna died in 1966.  They are buried in the Goldenrod Cemetery in Deep River, Poweshiek County, Iowa.

Schlesselman Family

The three Sticht brothers continued to live in Perry County with Johann August living on the “old Homestead” in Farrar and Heinrich and Hermann living on the farms near Red Rock as is shown by this copy of the 1915 atlas of Perry County with the Sticht land outlined.  Heinrich later moved to the Egypt Mills area following his marriage in 1922.

Sticht Land – Farrar

There remains a good number of Sticht descendants living in Perry County and surrounding areas and a large number of Schlesselman family members throughout the Midwest.  It would be interesting to know if Hermann Sticht paid off on the provision for the wedding feast for his younger sister’s marriage in Iowa.

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