I’ve Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

img_8623It’s always a great day when we have the opportunity to share our immigration stories, our LCMS faith, our food culture, and our “sense of place” with our patrons.  We hosted 50 people who were on an American Queen cruise boat tour today.  Our wonderful relationship with Shore Excursions of America made this experience possible.  The tour theme juxtaposed the story of the Cherokee Trail of Tears with our German/Lutheran immigration story.  The theme used these historic experiences as examples of “Tales of Tears” that today have become a nation and a denomination of thriving people.  The tour explored how surviving tragedy and struggle can forge cultural strength and perseverance.

I am almost at a loss for words regarding the power of this day.  We shared culture with people from across the country and the world.  We witnessed our LCMS faith, our regional stories, and our love of Jesus Christ.  We did this through our food culture, artifact interpretation, through music, and through relationship building with people who were eager to hear about “who we are.”  We even had a German band!

The tour started at the Trail of Tears State Park, and concluded at the Cape County History Center and Uptown Jackson, Missouri.

We now approach our immigration history conference week.  Please pray for us, that we may provide a nurturing environment of education, faith sharing, and relationship building.  Take care, Carla L. Jordan


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