Blog Book Now Available


A new booklet is now available for sale.  It is titled, Blog Book: The First 100 Blog Posts 2016.  It is a compilation of the first 100 historical posts which were published on the blog on the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum website.  We did not include blogs that just promoted current events going on at the museum.  The posts included are ones that required research on the part of our staff.  This booklet contains 141 pages of blog posts followed by an index which can be used to find particular items of interest.  If you stop by the museum, it is available in our gift shop for $15.00.  You can also order it online by going to the Online Store tab in the menu at the top of this page.  If you order online, there is a shipping cost of $8.00 added to the purchase price.

One of the reasons we have printed these blogs is to have an additional format for our blog posts other than on the internet.  We also hope to print booklets like this in the future containing more of these blog posts.  We also know that some people do not use the internet, yet might still be interested in reading our blog posts.

This booklet, as well as the other books we have for sale, would make wonderful Christmas gifts for that special someone who has a soft spot for the history of East Perry County, Missouri.  Check out our Online Store to find out what items we offer.  The Online Store also provides a way to make donations to our museum by using a credit card.

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