Oh, What a Tannenbaum

Our museum friend, Holly Fruend brought us her family’s historic tree years ago, and it has become a beloved part of our annual exhibition.  Every year, our team member-Dorothy Weinhold-gathers ornaments and artifacts that reflect the 100+ year old goose feather tree from Germany.  This year the tree hosts numerous sheep, some ornaments as old as the tree with paper thin blown glass, and other precious things.  There is a hint toward next year’s 500th Anniv. of the Reformation, as well as a paper chain with the music of Bach created by a young person in Brazeau, MO.  Dorothy’s lovely spinning wheel stands beside the tree, and the base of the tree is wrapped with raw wool.  Dorothy is known for her spinning demonstrations in the region.  The little cast iron fence is also nearly the same age as the tree and is a Fiehler Family artifact.  The unique quilt is a Weinhold family piece, and the entire exhibit sits atop the Schmidt family trunk.  This incredible exhibit has layer upon layer of historic beauty.  Our Goose Feather Tree and more than 50 others are worth your drive to Altenburg.  We are here every day from 10-4.  Take Care, Carla Jordan

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