An Upsetting Revelation

I think I upset some people this morning.  I mentioned the fact that Christian Roth was born in New York City while I was having breakfast at the Old Bank Coffee Shop.  This breakfast eatery is operated by Lindy Roth, whose husband is the great great grandson of Christian Roth.  Ruth Roth was also sitting there having breakfast.  She also has a husband who is tied to this Roth family.  Apparently most of the Roth descendants have been assuming for all their lives that their ancestor was born in Missouri, not New York.  Just so you know, around these here parts, New York is an area of the country that is not smiled upon.  This fact is going to be an disturbing revelation to some of the Roth boys.

Christian Roth’s parents, Johann Georg and Margaretha, arrived in America aboard the Romulus in 1836.  That ship arrived in New York City.


It was while this couple was in New York City that Christian was born.  His birthday was December 30, 1837.  Then in 1839, the Roths joined the New York Group made the trip to Perry County to join the Lutheran immigrants who were planning to settle here.  The New York Group actually arrived in Perry County before most of the other immigrants had moved here.  Therefore, Christian was only a little more than one year old when he made that arduous trip by canal boats and riverboats to Missouri.

A few years later, his future wife, Magdalena Landgraf was born in St. Louis.  Her birthday was on this day, December 2nd, in 1843.  One of her sponsors was Emilie (Buenger) Walther, the relatively new wife of Rev. C.F.W. Walther, the pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in St. Louis, where Magdalena was baptized.  Interestingly, the Landgrafs by then had spent some time in Perry County and had apparently decided to move back to St. Louis.  Here is a reference of the Landgrafs found in the 1840 Perry County census.

1840 census – Perry County

Meanwhile, the Roths settled in Perry County and Johann Georg became a farmer.  We also find them in the 1840 census, but his name is spelled Rodes.

Perry County – 1840 census

Meanwhile, Magdalena Landgraf was still living with her mother in St. Louis in 1860.  By then, her father had died.

St. Louis census – 1860

In 1862, Christian and Magdalena were married at Concordia Lutheran Church in Frohna.  Rev. Christoph Loeber was the pastor at the time.

Roth/Landgraf marriage record – Concordia, Frohna

This apparently was the last marriage performed by Rev. Loeber because you can see a change in the handwriting for the next record.  Rev. Loeber left in 1862 to take a call to a church in the Chicago area.

Maybe you can figure out how a young girl living in St. Louis could attract the attention of a young farmer’s son living near Frohna, Missouri.  Christian registered for the Civil War draft one year after he was married.  Here we find him included with some other men from Perry County who registered for that draft.

Civil War draft registration

This document is another piece of evidence that Christian Roth was born in New York.

Christian and Magdalena lived in Perry County the rest of their lives, and they are both buried in the Concordia, Frohna cemetery.  Thanks to Ruth Roth, we have this photo showing Christian Roth, however, I think it may be Christian Roth, Jr.  It shows him with two of his grandchildren, Gilbert and Arnold.


I am looking forward to needling a few Roth men about how their family has ties to New York City.  However, I don’t think this revelation will convince them to become Mets or Yankees fans.



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