New Year’s Nuptials

Christ Lutheran Church in Jacob, Illinois was the location of a wedding ceremony on New Year’s Day in 1895.  The two who were getting married were originally from Altenburg, Missouri.  One was from Immanuel Lutheran Church, and the other was from Trinity Lutheran Church.  The groom was Martin Groh, son of Carl and Sophia (Bier) Groh.

Martin Groh

The bride was Amalie Grosse, daughter of Hieronymus and Clara (Fritsche) Grosse.  Martin became a voting member of Christ Lutheran in that same year that they were married.

I ran into a situation that I think is quite rare.  I found two photos of the Groh/Grosse wedding, each with a different pose.

The first two children of the Grohs were born in Jacob.  The first was named Carl Hieronymus Groh, apparently a combination of the names of his two grandfathers.  Later in his life, he went by the name Gerome or Gerry.  The second was named Carl Richard Groh.

The 1900 census places the Grohs in East St. Louis, Illinois.  Martin is listed as a painter, which was the occupation of his father in Altenburg.  By then the couple had also had their third son, named George.

The 1910 census shows the Grohs living in St. Louis with them having another child, Florence.  She was listed on that census as being five years old and born in Missouri, so the Grohs must have already lived in St. Louis for at least five years by 1910.  This time, Martin is described as being a grocer.  The family had two boarders living with them who both worked for a brewery.  Since the Grohs were living close to the Anheuser Busch brewery, it is likely that is where these two worked.

Ten years later, the 1920 census we find Martin running a saloon in St. Louis.  Carl Richard was also listed as a saloon keeper, so he was probably working with his father, who by this time, was 57 years old.  George is shown as being a diamond cutter.  Here is Martin shown inside his saloon behind the bar.


Martin died in 1928, and Amalie died in 1954.  They are both buried in the Sunset Memorial Park in St. Louis.




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