Lixville Records

The latest addition to our Research Library is the church record book of the Lutheran congregation in a little community known as Lixville, Missouri.  This community is located in Bollinger County, not far from the town of Friedheim.  Back in August of 2016, we posted a blog about the records from the Friedheim church titled, Friedheim Records.


Lixville was named after one of their postmasters, Louis W. Lix.  The post office there was established in 1897.  That is about when these church books were started.  The first records are from 1894.  The congregation did not last very long.  The last records were from 1910.

Louis Lix was born in 1868 and in 1895, he married Rosetta Barks.  Here is a photo of the Barks family.


Rosetta is second from the right in the back row.  Rosetta’s mother’s maiden name was Bollinger.  I have a suspicion she may have been related to the man after which Bollinger County was named.

Louis and Rosetta’s first child, August Lix, was born later in 1895, and his baptism record is the second one listed in the Lixville church records.


It appears to me that the first pastor of this congregation was Rev. W.C. Droegemueller.  A cemetery can be found in this area that is called the Sedgewickville Lixville Lutheran Cemetery.  This cemetery is where you can find Louis and Rosetta’s graves.  Louis’s parents are also in that cemetery.

Some of the other names you can find in the Lixville cemetery and the church books are Bangert, Brune, Emde, Fluegel, Klemp, Pohlman, Statler, Stewart, and Wilke.  In addition to baptism, marriage, and death records, the Lixville records include school attendance records and the minutes for their church meetings.

We are thankful to Larry Emde for allowing our museum to make digital photos of these records.  We also thank Lynn Degenhardt, one of our research crew, who has worked tirelessly to help make church records like these to be part of our research resources.  If you have any family connections in the Perry, Cape, or Bollinger County area, our museum may be just the place for you to find out more about your ancestors.


3 thoughts on “Lixville Records

  1. I must correct myself……I have only known the Presbyterian Church In Lixville. The names mentioned are names of people buried a this church as well.

    I am a bit confused…….as to the exact location of this church.


  2. I noticed the Conrad name was not mentioned. The Presbyterian Lixvielle Cemetery is many Conrad’s buried there and each year in June their is a Conrad reunion held there. Sadly, this year the reunion was cancelled due to the COVID. My Conrad relative from CO, as well as myself and one from the Cape area had planned to attend.

    Obviously, I have many ancestors buried there.

    I do appreciate the info you have on the Rosetta. I have many relatives buried in that same cemetery as well. One set of my grandparents and G Grandparents are buried there. I visit this cemetery and others when I am in MO.


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