Mom’s Namesake

Georgia Neubeck Estel was born on January 10, 1906 in Altenburg, Missouri.  The doctor who assisted in this child’s delivery was almost certainly her father, Dr. Theodore Friedrich Estel.

Dr. Theodore F. Estel

Four years before the birth of Georgia, Dr. Estel had married Louisa Neubeck at Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg.  His Missouri marriage license indicates that the pastor performing the ceremony was Rev. Ph. S. Estel, Theodore’s uncle, who was the pastor of Christ Lutheran Church in Jacob, Illinois.  Rev. Estel’s story was told in the post, A Jacob Preacher with Perry Roots.

Estel/Neubeck marriage license

You may notice that Georgia’s middle name was Neubeck, her mother’s maiden name.

Louisa (Neubeck) Estel

Georgia wasn’t the first child to get that middle name.  Her older brother also had that middle name.  In fact, all of the Estel children from this couple were given the middle name, Neubeck.  Here is a listing of the five children who lived to adulthood.

  • Clinton Neubeck Estel (born 1904)
  • Georgia Neubeck Estel (born 1906)
  • Gladys Neubeck Estel (born 1908)
  • Woodrow Neubeck Estel (born 1913)
  • Wilson Neubeck Estel (born 1916)

Sadly, Louisa died of pneumonia not long after the birth of a stillborn child in 1918.  I find it interesting that Woodrow Estel was born on March 6, 1913, two days after Woodrow Wilson was inaugurated for his first term as President of the United States.  Then the next Estel boy was named Wilson.  I am guessing that the Estels were Democrats.

Here is a photo taken in front of the Estel house in Altenburg of the five Estel children.


Left to right:  Gladys, Wilson, Clinton, Woodrow, and Georgia.

This photo must have been taken about the same time as their mother’s death.

These children did not get to spend much time with their mother, but they carried her namesake with them throughout their lives in their middle name.

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