Yoo Hoo! A Slew of Views

January 30th marks the first anniversary of our very initial blog post.  It has been a remarkable year.  About a day before we reached this anniversary, we passed the 60,000 mark in number of views.  A “view” is counted every time a person arrives at our website.  Another “view” is counted every time a person clicks on another page on our site.  So if a person starts on our home page, and then continues on to read three blog posts, that would register as four views.

We would like to thank all those who have been visiting our site and reading what is here.  We are blessed by your being here.  We are especially thankful for those of you that are regular readers of our blog.  Your interest keeps us motivated to continue our efforts to research our history.

We thought that in honor of this special day, that we would share with you which blog posts have been viewed the most.  First of all, the post that received the most views would not be described as an “historical” post.

Altenburg’s Population Explosion

That post was a photographic exposition of the events happening at this year’s East Perry Community Fair, and it proved to be very popular.

Most of our posts would be in the “historical” category.  When you just include that type of post, the following list contains the top ten posts of this year:

  1.  The Mud
  2. The Deadliest Tornado
  3. An Infamous Day in Wittenberg
  4. Altenburg’s Holy Grail
  5. Birner Hotel – Wittenberg
  6. Preacher on the River
  7. Tales from a Palisch Picture
  8. Fair Traditions
  9. You Can Take It to the Bank
  10. Frohna Entrepreneur

The search function on this website is a great way to find a story which might interest you.  Just put in a keyword, such as a family surname, to find blog posts that contain information about that topic.

We encourage you to continue to be faithful readers of this blog.  We also suggest that there are some things that you can do to help us increase our viewership.

  • Mention our website and our blog to those who may be interested in finding out about the history of East Perry County.
  • If you are on Facebook, our posts are automatically shared there each time they are published.  If you read a post that you like, share it on your Facebook page.
  • If you have any ideas on how to improve our blog, or if you have any suggestions for future posts, contact us a research@lutheranmuseum.com.
  • Comment on our blog posts.  You can add comments on our website, or you can comment when our posts show up on Facebook.  We would love to see more comments.

One of the goals of our historical society is to preserve and promote the history of East Perry County community.  You can help us get out these stories so more people will be aware of our rich history, and by doing so, you will help us attain our goal.

One more thing.  When you get the chance, come on in a visit the place where our stories begin……our research library.




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