Groh Up in L.A.

I live in L.A.  That is, I live in Lower Altenburg.  This area of the metropolis of Altenburg is that section of town which is located east of Trinity Lutheran Church…..toward the river.  L.A. was discussed in a previous blog post titled, Old Time L.A.  In that post was this photo showing a portion of L.A.

Part of L.A.

The last house in the background of this photo will be the focus of today’s post.  That house was the home of Friedrich (Fred) Groh.  He was known to locals as Fritz.  Fred was the brother of Carl and Martin Groh.  A few days ago, we posted an article about Carl titled, Groh-klahoma!  Quite a while back, a story was done about Martin titled, New Year’s Nuptials.  Here are photos of these three brothers.  Carl (left), Martin (middle) and Fred (right)

They certainly look like brothers to me.  Carl ended up in Alva, Oklahoma and Martin ended up in St. Louis.  There was another brother, Ernest, who was the oldest.  Ernest spent most of his life in Jacob, Illinois.  Here is a photo of Ernest and his wife, Anna, at their golden wedding anniversary in 1940.

Ernest Anna Groh
Ernest and Anna Groh

The Groh men liked their mustaches.

Fred was the brother who stayed in Altenburg and lived in the house shown in L.A.  Fred was the youngest of the brothers.  There were also a few sisters in this family.  In 1908, Fred married Agnes Schuessler at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Wittenberg.  This was the only wedding recorded in the St. Paul’s books in 1908.

Groh Schuessler marriage record
Groh/Schuessler marriage record – St. Paul’s, Wittenberg

Agnes was actually the sister of Anna Groh shown in the above photo.  Two Groh brothers married two Schuessler sisters.  By the way, another story was done earlier about the Schuesslers’ mother, Sarah (Saalfeld) Schuessler, titled, Twins…..Only One Survives. Here is an image of the marriage license for Fred and Agnes.

Groh Schuessler marriage license
Fred Groh/Agnes Schuessler marriage license

Here is a wedding photo of Fred and Agnes Groh.

Fred Agnes Groh wedding

In the 1910 census, we see Fred and Agnes living with Fred’s father, Carl Groh.  Fred is described as a painter and decorator.

Fred Groh 1910 census

Finally, we get to the reason this family once again came to my attention on April Fool’s Day.  The first child in this Groh family, Karl Friedrich Groh, was born on April 1, 1909.  The couple would go on to have four children, and I have every reason to believe that they were all raised in the Fred Groh home in Lower Altenburg.  This is what it looks like today.


Karl Friedrich Groh would follow in his father’s footsteps and become a painter for a while.  There is evidence that he married a woman named Florine, but I was unable to find any record of that marriage or a maiden name.  We also know that Karl (Charles) served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.  He is buried at the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis.

Carl Groh tombstone

One thing I have discovered about L.A.  There is absolutely no truth to the saying, “Whatever happens in L.A., stays in L.A.”  The Groh name is basically non-existent in East Perry County these days.

Oh……….One more thing.  Here’s another photo of the Groh house.


It’s a reminder that this home is located in Cardinal Nation.  Tomorrow is Opening Day for our beloved St. Louis Cardinals.

2 thoughts on “Groh Up in L.A.

  1. Good Afternoon, I am in Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia. I was wondering what kind of paintings did F. Groh do? I have found 3 small paintings that belonged to my grandparents or great grandparents. I am just curious about finding more about them. Thank you in advance. — Dave


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