Easter Greetings from East Perry County

Since it is Easter Sunday and we have grandchildren in town, I just did not have the time (or the energy) to research a new topic for today.  However, I do have some photos I have taken the last few days here around my home and around East Perry County.  Maybe they can give you a feel for what this area must have looked like 176 years ago at about the same time the Altenburg Debate was taking place on April 15 and April 20.  In 1841, Easter Sunday was on April 11.

I happen to think that East Perry County is one of the many really beautiful places on the face of the earth.  Although those early years were full of tragedy, struggles, and death, the  springtime must have been a time to give our ancestors hope.  And certainly the Easter message of an empty tomb and the resurrection can always give us hope.  A very blessed Easter to all our readers from the folks here at the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum in Altenburg.

Click on the photos to enlarge.

The following photos were taken about a year ago in April.


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