Mueller and the Mail

April nineteenth was the birthday of Albert Mueller. He was one of the many sons of Anton Mueller.  Another post told the story of one of these sons who served in the military titled, One of Anton’s Army.  Being born in 1891, Albert had the distinction of being the oldest of Anton’s children.  As was said in that previous post, Anton’s home was in L.A. (Lower Altenburg), across the road from the Altenburg Lumber Company.  Albert also grew up not far from the Trinity, Altenburg cemetery, where he would eventually be buried.

In 1914, when Albert was 23 years old, he married Susanna Koestering, who was 20 years old at the time.  Here is their wedding photo.

Mueller Koestering wedding
Albert and Susanna (Koestering) Mueller

Susanna was the granddaughter of Rev. J.F. Koestering, who was once the pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg.  Her parents were Fred and Susanne (Fischer) Koestering.  Fred operated a store not far from the church.  Here is a photo of that store.

Koestering store Pat Allen

Susanna likely grew up in the house shown next to the Koestering Store.

When Albert was 26 years old, he did what was required of him by registering for the World War I draft.  Here is that registration.


We see on this form that Albert was already employed as the postmaster of Altenburg.  This would be his lifelong profession.  He would serve as the postmaster from 1915 until 1959.

We have this photo which includes Susanna Mueller.

Susanna Koestering Mueller

Susanna is standing on the right. On the left is Dora Mueller, Albert’s sister.  On top is Martha (Koestering) Schwitzer.  At the bottom is Alma Buck.  This photo makes me wonder who was doing the hairdressing for the ladies in Altenburg back in those days.

During his many years as postmaster, Albert must have spent time in these two buildings.  First, this was the old post office located in Altenburg.

Kuntze post office tif

Later, the post office was located in the old Citizen’s Electric Building.

Citizens Electric Bldg Old

In 1963, the post office moved to the below building which it shares with the Riverside Regional Library to this day.

Library & Post Office

Albert and Susanna had three children, Doris, Lewis, and Merlys.  Here is a photo of this family.

Albert Myrliss Doris Lewis Susanna M
Albert Mueller family

In the earlier post about Albert’s father, we included this photo.


If I have this figured correctly, Albert is standing behind his father, Anton, who is sitting in the front middle.  Susanna is standing to Albert’s right with the white collar on her dress.

We have this photo of Albert Mueller’s home which is also located on the east side of Altenburg.

Albert Mueller home

Susanna died in 1968, and Albert died in 1982.  They are both buried in the Trinity Cemetery in Altenburg.  Many of our seasoned citizens in Altenburg have memories of Albert Mueller, their postmaster.





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  1. Thanks fir always sharing the pictures but I think it was Curt Meinz that took the postmasters job . ?

  2. Albert was my grandfather (Doris was my mother) .. he actually served as Post Master into the ’70s as they could not find anyone to take the job.. finally Rudy Meinze volenteered to take it so my grandfather could retire.

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