Fischer Follow-up

Yesterday’s story was about some Fischers and Palisches.  Today, I found two different Fischers who were born on July 11th.  One of them was the character mentioned in yesterday’s story, Friedrich Ferdinand Fischer.  He was born on July 11, 1832.  He was only six years old when he arrived in America aboard the Republik in 1839.  Here is the passenger list showing this Fischer family.

Fischer passenger list Republik 1839
Fischer Family – Republik passenger list 1839

I will devote today’s post to discussing this family, with special emphasis on Friedrich Ferdinand.  I will start with the youngest on the passenger list.  Alvina is shown as being 1/2 year old when she arrived in New Orleans.  Tragically, this young baby died shortly after the family had arrived in St. Louis, Missouri.  She died on April 9, 1839.  About one month later, the Fischers would travel to their new home in Perry County.  Alvina was buried in St. Louis somewhere, but her death is recorded in the Trinity Lutheran, Altenburg church books.  Here is an image of that record.

Alvina Fischer death record – Trinity, Altenburg

I will also quickly mention that after arriving in Perry County, the Fischer family would add one more child, Johann Friedrich Fischer, who was born on March 30, 1841.  However, this young boy lived just a little more than five years and died in 1846.

The oldest Fischer child was Friedrich Albert Fischer.  He was actually the first connection between the Fischer and Palisch families because in 1852 he married Marie Palisch.

Emma Maria Palisch

It was this couple from which quite a few Altenburg Fischers descended, such as Dr. Fischer as well as Edward and George Fischer, who ran the Fischer Store.   It was also a daughter from this family that we find the other birthday girl today, Juliana Palisch, who only lived six months.  Here is a photo of Albert Fischer’s family.  Albert had died before this photo was taken.

Albert Fischer family
Albert Fischer family

Back row, left to right:  Cora (Neubeck) and Martin Fischer, Hulda (Fischer) and Bruno Schade, Eva Katharina (Kuennel) and Edward Fischer, Agnes (Boehme) and David Fischer.

Front row, left to right:  Emma (Fischer) Mehnert, Emma Marie (Palisch) Fischer, and Albert Frederick Fischer.

Another child in the original Fischer family was Maria Christiane Henrietta Fischer.  She never married and died in 1884 at the age of 54 from pneumonia.  The death record in the Trinity, Altenburg books describes her as a “pious old virgin”.

Then we come to Friedrich Ferdinand Fischer who is today’s birthday boy.  Yesterday, we mentioned that he married Martha Weinhold, and one of their daughters, Juliana, married Henry Palisch.  Here is a quick rundown of what happened to the other children of Ferdinand and Martha.

  • Anna Fischer – She married Mathias Wukasch, a teacher at Concordia, Frohna.  However, Anna died after only four years of marriage.  Here is a photo of Teacher Wukasch with one of his classes.

Frohna school Wukasch Stueve

  • Joseph Fischer – He married Maria Estel in 1886.  The only census in which we find Joseph is the 1900 census, and he is described as a furniture dealer.  He died at the age of 48 in 1910.
  • Susanna Fischer – She married Friedrich Koestering, the son of Pastor Koestering who for a while was serving both the Trinity and Frohna congregations.  Fred would operate a store in Altenburg.  Susanna was another Fischer who died quite early.  She died at the age of 39.  Here is a photo of the Koestering Store with Fred standing in front.  A previous post titled Koestering Store tells his story.

Koestering store Pat Allen

  • Gotthilf Fischer – He became a boilermaker in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.
  • Johannes Martin Fischer – He was the other Fischer to marry a Palisch.  He married Sarah Palisch in 1892.  Martin J. was a farmer.
  • Martha Elizabeth Fischer – She was born in April of 1872 and died in October of that same year.
  • Friedrich Ferdinand Fischer – He never married and died at the age of 34 as a result of a heart attack.  At the time of his death, he was a member of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Wittenberg, but he was buried in the Concordia Lutheran Cemetery in Frohna with several other family members.

I just looked in the most up-to-date phone book for Perry County.  Despite all of the Fischers you find in our German Family Tree, I did not find any Fischers in the phone book.  I didn’t count people who spell their name Fisher.  I did find quite a few Palisches.  Yet, whether they carry the name Fischer or Palisch, there are still plenty of folks living in Perry County that can claim to be descendents from this group.


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