Unraveling the Palisch/Fischer Connectons

Today is the anniversary for a Palisch/Fischer couple who were married in 1887.  Since I have been researching Perry County families, I have discovered certain facts about these two families.  However, these facts have led me to be quite confused.  For example, I know there are Fischers and Palisches to be found even very early in both Altenburg and Frohna.  There was a Fischer store in Altenburg and a Palisch store in Frohna.  Two of the longest-serving doctors from these two towns were Dr. Fischer from Altenburg and Dr. Palisch from Frohna.  Add to that the fact that I found at least three Palisch/Fischer marriages in the German Family Tree.  I am going to try to unravel what seems to be a tangled mess of strings.  I just hope I get it right.

As near as I can tell, maybe the earliest clue can be found in the marriage of a Fischer and a Weinhold.  Early on, it seems all the Fischers and Palisches could be found in Altenburg.  When Immanuel split from Trinity in 1857, the Palisches went to Immanuel, and the Fischers remained at Trinity.  Not long after that split, Ferdinand Fischer found a bride in Frohna.  Weinhold is a Frohna name.  The bride’s name was Martha and they were married in 1859.  And believe it or not, they were married on July 10th.  Also, for some reason, even though both the bride and groom seem to be from Perry County at the time, this couple was married at Old Trinity Lutheran Church in St. Louis.  The significance for this story is the fact that after this marriage, we find a Fischer family living in Frohna.

Now we need to get the Palisch name to Frohna.  That was done….twice….when two Fischer siblings from this Ferdinand Fischer family married two siblings from the Ernst and Juliane (Hofstetter) Palisch family.  What makes it even more interesting (and sometimes more confusing) is the fact that a brother in the Fischer family married a sister in the Palisch family, and a sister in the Fischer family married a brother in the Palisch family.  That made a family who had a bunch of Fischer kids and another family that had a bunch of Palisch kids.

The marriage that got my attention today was the one between Heinrich Gustav Palisch and Martha Juliana Fischer who were married on July 10, 1887.  Heinrich (Henry) and his brother, Gotthilf Adolph Palisch, who was a medical doctor, built a store in Frohna.  It was located at the intersection of Highway A (Main Street) and Highway C in Frohna where the parking lot of the East Perry Pub is located now.  Here is a photo.

Palisch Brothers Store

The two houses behind the store are said to be Fischer homes, but I am not sure which Fischers lived in them.  You can also see Concordia Lutheran Church in the distance.

Those two homes are still standing.  Here is a photo I took today of this location.


The only photograph I have is this one of Henry Palisch.


Henry is on the left.  In the middle is Paul Lueders, and on the right is Christoph Goller.  I am pretty sure that Paul Lueders was in the Lueders family that ran the store located right across the road from the Palisch Store.  The photo says at the bottom, “76 ducks”.

Sometime before 1930, Henry moved his family to St. Louis where he is listed in that year’s census as working for a printing company.  Juliana died in 1937; Henry died in 1945.  They are both buried in Our Redeemer Cemetery in Afton, Missouri.

I still haven’t unraveled everything, but at least I think I have made a little progress.  I’m sure there are plenty of Palisch and Fischer stories yet to be told.




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