A Brueckner Boy’s Bride

Ella Fritsche was born on August 17, 1883 in Auerswalde, Germany.

Auerswalde, Germany map

In 1891, she arrived in America with her family.  Here is the passenger list for the Oldenburg which arrived in New York City that year.

Henry Fritsche family passenger list
Heinrich Fritsche family – passenger list

It’s a little confusing that Ella is shown as being 6 years old in 1891.  Ella was the daughter of Heinrich and Bertha (Boehme) Fritsche.  These are photos of Ella’s parents.


Heinrich only lived five years in America before he died in 1896.  His oldest son, Max Fritsche took over the farm, which must have been located somewhere near Farrar.  If I have this figured correctly, Max may have come to America a year before the rest of the family arrived.  There was another Fritsche family in Perry County long before this Fritsche family showed up on the scene in the Farrar area.

That leads us up to April 18, 1909 when Ella Fritsche married John Brueckner, also of Farrar.  Here is their wedding photo.

John and Ella Brueckner wedding

John Brueckner was the son of Henry and Maria Brueckner who arrived in the United States in the 1870’s.  By the time of this marriage, John’s father had already died, so it was only mothers, not fathers, of the brides who attended this wedding.   The Henry and Maria Brueckner family was amazing in the fact that, according to Salem Lutheran church records in Farrar, Maria gave birth to three sets of twins.  Not all of them lived, but it is still quite amazing.  John was not one of the twins.

John was also a farmer.  He owned land in the Farrar neighborhood.  The red arrow on this map shows the Brueckner land.  It is listed under his mother’s name.

Brueckner land map Farrar
Mary Brueckner land – Farrar

In 1918, John filled out this World War I draft registration form.

John Brueckner – WWI draft registration

According to our German Family Tree, John and Ella had four children, one of which died at a very early age.  Ella died of pneumonia in 1946.  John lived another twenty years after that, with his death occurring in 1966.  Both are buried in the Salem Lutheran Cemetery in Farrar.  Here are their gravestones.




4 thoughts on “A Brueckner Boy’s Bride

  1. Oops Warren. I did misread it. Did I ever give you a copy of the Fritsche Family Tree booklet that I put together in 2011? Lots of wedding pictures. I don’t have a lot on the Brueckners.


  2. My grandparents too. I did not know that John was one of a set of twins. I have a little more history that I’ll have to share with you sometime.


    1. I think you may have misread that. It says John was NOT one of the twins. I’d love to hear more history. Feel free to write some of it here in the comments if you’d like.


  3. Ella and John were my grandparents. Of the 3 children that grew to adulthood were my father Arnold Brueckner, Lorna Hacker, and Verona Jones. Verona is 92 and lives in Georgetown, TX


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