Fair = Food + Fun + Fellowship + Fanfare

The 80th Annual East Perry Community Fair is now history.  You might even say that it is one of the tasks of our museum to preserve that history.  I will attempt here to record in photographic form some of the happenings of Day 2 of this year’s event.

We start with a tour of buildings displaying produce and projects.  It still remains a challenge for individuals to win that blue ribbon at the fair.

Some even get the championship purple ribbons.


Next, we have the judging of the creatures that have two or four legs.

The young ones had fun on the rides at the midway.

The East Perry Community Fair would not be the same without its Mule Jumping contest.

A person can certainly enjoy a wide variety of food at the fair.  I was only able to get a few photos of some of the food…..because I was too anxious to get it in my belly.  Here are photos of the well-renowned jack-salmon fish sandwich and the grilled cheese sandwich (which almost didn’t survive for the photo shoot).

Big tractors and little tractors.  The young man was participating in the tractor pull for his age group.

A prize-winning goose says, “Y’all come back, now.”


And for those of you that attended, we say………………

Fair Thanks for Coming


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