A-Lert in Kansas

Emma Rosa Lungwitz was born on September 12, 1893.  Her parents were Herman and Mathilda (Meyr) Lungwitz of Altenburg, and Emma was baptized at Trinity Lutheran Church.  I’ll skip right ahead to her marriage in 1912.  She married Robert Oehlert who had been born in Kansas.  We see this fact on this 1900 census for Grand River, Kansas in Sedgwick County.

Robert Oehlert 1900 census Grand River KS
1900 census – Grand River, KS

Robert’s father was also Robert Oehlert, and his wife’s maiden name was Engert.  That once again leads us back to Perry County where we find Minna Petrina Engert being born here.  She was the daughter of August Friedrich Wilhelm and Anna (Jungclaus) Engert.

Robert Oehlert, Sr. was a descendant of Johann Gottfried Oehlert.  This photo of him was posted previously on this blog.

Johann Gottlieb Oehlert & wife

Robert came from Heinrich Oehlert, one of Gottfried’s sons.

I cannot answer the question about how a Kansas native, although he had Perry County roots, managed to still find his bride back in Altenburg.  I do know, however, that Emma was not the only Lungwitz to find her way to Grand River, Kansas.  This census record from 1920 shows two Lungwitz brothers who were discussed in the post, Tarzan, the Lion, Meets the Wulf.

Minnie Wulf 1920 census Grand River Sedgwick KS
1920 census – Grand River, KS

I suppose a little clue might be found in this World War I draft registration form that Robert filled out in 1917.  He shows himself living in Dupo, Illinois.  He was working as a carpenter, which some Oehlerts around Altenburg chose as an occupation.


Maybe his job with the railroad brought him back to Perry County on occasion.  We do know that by 1920, the Oehlerts were once again living in Grand River with Robert back to farming.

Recently, a descendant from this branch of the Oehlert family visited our museum.  We were told that there was a construction company in Kansas that was called A-Lert Construction.  A-Lert is really how Oehlert is pronounced.  We think that company came out of this branch of the Oehlert family.

btm_logo4 A-Lert

Robert, Jr. died in 1963; Emma died in 1973.  They are buried together in Highland Cemetery in Winfield, Kansas.

I am coming to the conclusion that that area in Sedgwick County, Kansas is another location where several Perry County natives relocated.


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