Fair Traditions – Revisited

I confess that I am taking an easy way out on today’s post.  I am mostly going to repost an article that was on this blog about a year ago.  It is once again that time of the year in Altenburg when we are getting ready for the East Perry Community Fair.  This year, it is even a special one.  It is the 80th annual fair.  Here is the post, followed by some additional photos showing the “calm before the storm” at the fairgrounds today.



The East Perry Community Fair is happening here in Altenburg this Friday and Saturday.  It has always been a special week for this area.  Thousands of people come to partake of the events that take place as part of this fair.  Plenty of food, fellowship, special events, and entertainment will abound.

Today’s blog will consist of some photos from past fairs.  For the most part, I will let the photos speak for themselves.  As always, I encourage comments.  We would love to hear your stories about past fairs.

Bandstand at the Fairgrounds – with Concession Stand below.
Band Marching in the Parade – 1940’s
Car in the Parade – 1963  (Notice cars parked in the grove across from the church)
Parade Float – 1947
Celebrating the Fair’s Birthday – 1969
Produce on Display

If you are in the neighborhood, stop by.  Check out our museum while you’re here too.


Here is a gallery of the East Perry Fairgrounds which I took this morning.  It looks very lonely now, but this Friday and Saturday, it will look much different.

Our museum also stores the collection of Fair Books that belong to the Fair Board.  Here is a sampling of fair books from its beginning in the 1930’s all the way up to this year’s book.  There’s one for each decade.  These books will be on display at our museum during the fair this weekend.

Fair Books


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