Another Mueller Girl Goes to Wittenberg

Today would have been the 91st wedding anniversary of George and Frieda Loebs.  [Here in Perry County, this name is pronounced Labes….rhymes with babes]  Here is the marriage license for this wedding that took place at Grace Lutheran Church in Uniontown.

George Loebs Frieda Mueller marriage license
Loebs/Muelller marriage license

If you look closely, you will see that it says George Loebs hailed from Wittenberg and Frieda Mueller was from Old Appleton.  I have written about some other girls from this Mueller family who married men who were from Wittenberg.  This is yet another one.  Since I called these two Uncle George and Aunt Frieda, I have heard the family story that tells of George taking horse and buggy trips from Wittenberg to Uniontown (or Old Appleton) to court his sweetheart.

Frieda was the daughter of Gottfried and Martha (Telle) Mueller.  She was born on November 8, 1905 and baptized at Grace Lutheran Church.  She had four older half-sisters and two younger brothers.  This photo of the Mueller siblings was taken later in her life.

Gottfried Heinrich Mueller family

Frieda is standing next to her two brothers on the right.

George was the son of Henry and Bertha (Mueller) Loebs.  Bertha was from a different Mueller family.  George was born on September 28, 1904 and baptized at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Wittenberg.  George, like Frieda, had half-siblings… older sister and six younger half-siblings who were Schmidts.  In this photo of the Loebs/Schmidt family, George is standing in the back.

Bertha Schmidt children

That leads us up to December 19, 1926, when George and Frieda were married.  Here is their wedding photo.

Loebs Mueller wedding
Loebs/Mueller wedding

The other two in the photo are Lorna Schmidt, George’s half-sister, and Walter Mueller, Frieda’s brother.

George and Frieda would have four children…..all boys.  In this first photo, we see the first two that were born, Marvin (the oldest) and Norman.

George Frieda Marvin Norman Loebs

Several years later, another photo was taken which included all four boys.  I love the hats.

George Loebs family

Left to right:  Marvin, Norbert, Herbert, and Norman.

George was a farmer in Perry County, but when he got older, he moved to St. Louis.  I remember George as being a janitor at Atonement Lutheran Church and School in Florissant.  It is my understanding that he was loved dearly by the students who attended that Lutheran school.  Here is a photo of George and Frieda later in their lives.  This photo shows them as I remember them.

Wedding photo George Loebs & Frieda Mueller0002
George and Frieda Loebs

George died in 1980;  Frieda died in 2002.  They are buried together in the Salem Lutheran Cemetery in Black Jack, Missouri.  Here is their gravestone.

George and Frieda Loebs gravestone
George and Frieda Loebs gravestone

I have fond memories of Uncle George and Aunt Frieda.  Both of them always seemed to have smiles on their faces when I saw them.  George had a great sense of humor, and Frieda was a pure, soft-spoken sweetheart.  They were always both kind and generous to me.


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