Max’s Boy Turns 90

It is not often that I take the time to write about someone who is actually alive.  I’ve become more of an expert on dead people.  Today’s main character is definitely still walking on God’s green earth and is very much alive.  His name is Delbert Schmidt, and he is a very important person to us here at the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum.  Today is Delbert’s 90th birthday.

Delbert Schmidt collage

Delbert is the son of Martin “Max” and Lea (Bachmann) Schmidt of Altenburg.  He was born on April 5, 1928 and baptized at Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg on April 15th.  In 1941, he was also confirmed at this congregation one day after his 13th birthday on April 6th.

It is not often that I run across someone still alive in the 1930 census, but it is the case for Delbert.

Delbert Schmidt 1930 census Altenburg
1930 census – Altenburg, MO

On November 17, 1951, Delbert married Dolores Rauh.  Here is their marriage license.

Schmidt Rauh marriage license
Schmidt/Rauh marriage license

Dolores is the daughter of another Max.  Her parents were Martin “Max” and Lorna (Lohmann) Rauh.  I think I am old enough and wise enough not to publish her birthday so someone can figure out how old she is.  These two lovebirds have been married for 66 years now, and around here we affectionately call them “D & D”.  The license plate on their car also carries that moniker, “D & D”.

Here is a gallery of photos of Delbert and Dolores serving here at our museum as volunteers.  Click on them to make the thumbnails larger.

When I think of Delbert, I think of two recreational activities that I know he has enjoyed over the years.  First of all, in his early years, it is said that he was quite the baseball player.  Here is a photo of him (and Dolores) and he is wearing the uniform of a team that is interestingly called the Panzers.

Delbert Schmidt baseball
Delbert and Dolores Schmidt

In more recent times and continuing on to this day, Delbert is known as being an excellent fisherman.  He has a knack for fooling almost any crappie into swallowing his hook when he visits the local ponds.  Here we see Delbert doing what he really loves.

Delbert Schmidt fishing

Delbert may not be able to go from first  to third base on a single to the outfield anymore, but he is in amazingly good shape for a man of his age.  We here at the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum send out a huge “Happy Birthday” to one of our favorite docents.  We hope you enjoy your day watching the Cardinals’ home opener on TV tonight.  Make sure Dolores brings you a beer.

6 thoughts on “Max’s Boy Turns 90

  1. Happy birthday Delbert! Did you know my parents, Manda (Stueve) and Gib Petzoldt from Frohna? Your name sounds familiar?


  2. Do you have any information on a Joseph Weinhold who married Ann or Anne Spilker? They were my great Aunt and Uncle. I believe Joe Weinhold was a cousin of TA Weinhold and Aunt Annie (as we called her) was an older sister of TA’s wife, Magdalena Spilker? And maybe some information on the Spilker family?


  3. I’d love to see you right on my grandfather Herbert Adolph Birner. To my knowledge she was born in Perry County and he turned 102 in January! He currently lives in Indian River Michigan with his wife Garnet Olivia Of South Dakota. I could email you a current picture !


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