A Mangeled Katt

Before you get angry with me for promoting cruelty to animals, please note that today’s title contains names that look misspelled, but they are not.  The words refer to the surnames of two people that were married in 1878 (or was it 1879?).  The Katt referred to in the title was Katharine Katt, who is today’s birthday girl.  She was born on April 4, 1858 in Lamstedt, Germany.  She was the daughter of Johann and Gesche (Pulsch) Katt.  Sometime around 1876 or 1877, she came to America and settled in Perry County.  It was not long after her arrival in America that she married Herman Mangels.  There is some debate about whether this marriage took place on November 27, 1878 or November 27, 1879.  Here is the church record from Salem Lutheran Church in Farrar, Missouri which shows the marriage taking place in 1878.

Mangels Katt marriage record Salem Farrar
Mangels/Katt marriage record – Salem, Farrar

The Perry County civil record for this marriage says this marriage took place in 1879.

Mangels Katt marriage license
Mangels/Katt marriage certificate

I think the 1878 date is more reliable, mainly because we have a baptism record for this couple’s first child in November of 1879 in the Salem Lutheran church records.

Herman Mangels was the son of Herman and Anna (Hahmann) Mangels, also of the Lamstedt area in Germany.  Herman was born on July 19, 1854.  He is said to have come to America in 1871.  Here is a photo of Herman and Katharine.  I do not know if it is a wedding photograph.

Herman and Katharine Mangels
Herman and Katharine Mangels

Our German Family Tree includes seven children born into this family, four girls and three boys.  This included a set of twins, a boy and a girl.  The story of the twins marrying cousins was told in the post, Twins and Cousins.  Herman was a farmer who had two other brothers come to America and settle in Perry County.  The other brothers were Johann Peter and Gerhardt Mangels.

Herman died in 1913; Katharine died in 1940.  They are both buried in the Salem Lutheran Cemetery in Farrar.  Here are their gravestones.

There are still several Mangels families in the area, but I could not tell you from which of the Mangels brothers they come.  I would be curious to know whether Herman and Katharine knew each other already when they lived in Germany.  Maybe she came her with the intention of marrying Herman after she got here.

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