Uncle Ossie – Aunt Lorna

Today would have been the 85th anniversary of Oscar and Lorna (Schmidt) Schlimpert.  I called them Uncle Ossie and Aunt Lorna.  Here is the marriage license for this couple.

Schlimpert Schmidt marriage license
Schlimpert/Schmidt marriage license

Several posts have been written about people in this Schlimpert family.  Oscar was the son of Jacob and Caroline (Boeger) Schlimpert.  In fact, Oscar was the youngest in that family.  This Schlimpert photo has been posted on this blog before.

Jacob and Caroline Schlimpert family

Oscar is the youngest, standing just behind his father.  This family’s farm was located in the Seelitz area.  The Schlimpert farm can be seen in this photo taken from above the Stephansberg hill in Seelitz.

Perry County German settlement known as Seelitz 10-28-2011
Perry County German settlement known as Seelitz 10-28-2011

Lorna was the daughter of Emanuel and Bertha (Mueller)(Loebs) Schmidt.  She was the firstborn child to this couple, however, Bertha had two children by a previous marriage to Henry Loebs.  Here is another photo that has been posted on this blog before.  This one is of the Emanuel Schmidt family.


Lorna is in the middle row on the right, behind her sister, Hildegard, who has her hand in front of her face.  By the way, my dad is the dark-haired boy standing directly in front of his mother.

You may have already figured out that Oscar and Lorna were married on April 30, 1933.  They were married at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Wittenberg.  Here is the church record for that event.  My father, Richard Schmidt, was one of the witnesses in the wedding party.

Oscar and Lorna Schlimpert marriage record St. Paul's Wittenberg MO
Oscar and Lorna Schlimpert marriage record – St. Paul’s, Wittenberg, MO

We also have this couple’s wedding photo.

Oscar and Lorna Schlimpert wedding
Oscar and Lorna Schlimpert wedding

The 1940 census shows Oscar and Lorna living with Oscar’s father, brother, and sister.  They also had their first child, Marie.

Oscar Schlimpert 1940 census Altenburg
1940 census – Seelitz, MO

A previous post was written about Meta Schlimpert titled, Serving Her Family Faithfully.   Oscar and Lorna would have eight children.  One child died at about one year old, and a pair of twins died in childbirth.  Five children lived to adulthood, and three are still alive.  Here are the gravestones of the sons who died very young that are found in the Trinity Lutheran Cemetery.

The picture below is said to have been taken in 1966.

Oscar and Lorna Schlimpert family 1966

Back row (L to R):  Oliver, Carolyn, Audrey, Mary (Milton’s wife) and Milton

Front row (L to R):  Meta, Lorna, Oscar  (the oldest, Marie, is not pictured)

Lorna died in 1970 at age 62; Oscar died in 1994 at age 91.  They are both buried in the Trinity Lutheran Cemetery in Altenburg.  Here are their gravestones.

The next picture shows all or most of the grandchildren who came from Oscar and Lorna.

Oscar and Lorna Schlimpert grandchildren
Schlimpert grandchildren

Here is one more photo from this family.  It shows children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren in this family.

Oscar and Lorna Schlimpert family
Schlimpert Family Gathering

Quite a few of these folks still live in the East Perry County area.

I have very fond memories of visiting the Schlimpert family farm when I was a boy growing up in St. Louis.  I would never have dreamed that the members of that family could produce the mass of people shown in this last photo.  They are a group of fine folks who are very special to me.

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