The Travels and Travails of Cornelia

Cornelia Bundenthal was born on October 10, 1909 in Atchison, Kansas.  You might immediately wonder how she would be connected to East Perry County.  Cornelia was the daughter of Rev. Theodore and Concordia (Weinhold) Bundenthal.  Concordia was one of the eight daughters of Joseph and Mary Weinhold of Wittenberg.  The story of the Weinhold’s daughters was told in the post, Surrounded by Good Lookin’ Women.

Rev. Theodore Bundenthal had been a pastor in Sedalia, Missouri from 1897-1905.  Two years after he went to Sedalia, he married Concordia Weinhold in 1899 in Wittenberg.  This couple would have six children.  Here are photos of Theodore and Concordia.

In 1905, Rev. Bundenthal took a call to Atchison, Kansas, where Cornelia was born.  We see her in the 1910 census from Atchison.

Cornelia Bundenthal 1910 census Atchison KS
1910 census – Atchison, KS

When Cornelia was just 6 years old, her father died.  He is buried in the Mount Vernon Cemetery in Atchison.

Rev. Theodore Bundenthal gravestone Mount Vernon Atchison KS
Rev. Theodore Bundenthal gravestone – Mount Vernon, Atchison, KS

For some reason, some of the Bundenthal children ended up living in relative’s houses in East Perry County.  We have this photo of three Bundenthal children.  I am doubtful that one of them is Cornelia.

Three Bundenthal children

The 1920 census shows Cornelia living in the Leo Lottes household in Altenburg.  A story was written about the Lottes family taking in children who needed homes titled, Let the Children Come to Us.

Cornelia Bundenthal 1920 census Altenburg MO
1920 census – Altenburg, MO

In 1922, we find Cornelia’s mother getting married in Flint, Michigan to William Henry Klock.  Now we see Concordia being called Virginia, which was her middle name.

Klock Bundenthal marriage record MI 1922

Klock Bundenthal marriage record 2 MI 1922
Klock/Bundenthal marriage record – Flint, MI

Sadly, this marriage did not last, and in 1930, their divorce was finalized.

Virginia Bundenthal divorce record MI 1930
Klock/Bundenthal divorce record – Flint, MI

Concordia would marry again in 1932 to LaVerne Demerest in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Demerest Bundenthal marriage record MI
Demerest/Bundenthal marriage record – Grand Rapids, MI

I will finish up Concordia’s life before I return to Cornelia.  Concordia died in 1948 in St. Louis.  This is her death certificate.

Virginia Bundenthal Demerest death certificate
Concordia Virginia Bundenthal Demerest death certificate

The certificate says she was widowed when she died.

Concordia Bundenthal gravestone Concordia, St. Louis, MO
Concordia Bundenthal gravestone – Concordia, St. Louis, MO

In the same year that her mother was finalizing her divorce in Michigan, Cornelia was getting married in Altenburg.   She married Walter Vogel on August 10, 1930 at Trinity Lutheran Church.  This is their record in the Trinity books.

Vogel Bundenthal marriage record Trinity Altenburg MO
Vogel/Bundenthal marriage record – Trinity, Altenburg, MO

Walter was the son of Rev. Adolph and Magdalena (Spilker) Vogel.  Rev. Vogel was the pastor of Trinity in 1930.  Walter, however, had been born when Rev. Vogel was a missionary in Brazil in 1906.  The 1940 census shows Walter and Cornelia living in St. Louis where he was a telephone installer.

Walter Vogel 1940 census St. Louis MO
1940 census – St. Louis, MO

You can see that Cornelia’s mother was living with them.

Walter died in 1969; Cornelia died in 2006.  They are both buried in the New Bethlehem Cemetery in St. Louis.  I found a photo of Walter’s gravestone, but not Cornelia’s.

Walter Vogel gravestone New Bethlehem St. Louis MO
Walter Vogel gravestone – New Bethlehem, St. Louis, MO

Cornelia really must have had an unusual life.  There isn’t much evidence that she spent much time with her parents.

I am going to leave you today with two photographs.  The first is Rev. Vogel’s 1920 confirmation class which includes his son, Walter.

Rev. Vogel's confirmation class 1920
1920 confirmation class – Trinity, Altenburg, MO

The second is the 1923 confirmation class which contains Cornelia Bundenthal.

Rev. Vogel's confirmation class 1923
1923 confirmation class – Trinity, Altenburg, MO

I’ll let you guess which students are Walter and Cornelia because I have no clue.


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