The Travels and Travails of Cornelia

Cornelia Bundenthal was born on October 10, 1909 in Atchison, Kansas.  You might immediately wonder how she would be connected to East Perry County.  Cornelia was the daughter of Rev. Theodore and Concordia (Weinhold) Bundenthal.  Concordia was one of the eight daughters of Joseph and Mary Weinhold of Wittenberg.  The story of the Weinhold’s daughters … More The Travels and Travails of Cornelia

Doc Leo from Longtown

On April 5, 1891, Ernst and Gertrude (Hacker) Obendorfer were blessed with another boy.  His name was Leo Michael Oberndorfer.  The records of Zion Lutheran Church in Longtown, Missouri indicate that Leo was born in Longtown but baptized at the Friedenberg church.  He was confirmed at Zion in 1904.  Zion began as a congregation in … More Doc Leo from Longtown

Frohna’s Doc

March 22nd was the birthday of Dr. Gotthilf Adolph Palisch.  Dr. Palisch was the doctor serving the Frohna community for many years.  He was the youngest child of Ernst and Juliane (Hofstetter) Palisch of Frohna.  He was born in 1875.  A little over a year after Gotthilf was born, his father died.  He hadn’t even … More Frohna’s Doc

A Whole Lottes Jobs

March 11, 1874 was the birthday of Johann Eberhardt Lottes.  His parents were Gabriel and Ann (Doernhoefer) Lottes of Altenburg.  Here is the baptism record for John in the Trinity, Altenburg church books.  He was Gabriel’s firstborn child. It was not long before Gabriel would left alone with this young child.  Ann died in 1874, … More A Whole Lottes Jobs