Rosalia’s Story

The story I am going to tell today is very closely related to yesterday’s post.  I will begin by once again showing you the 1880 census for the Henry Bachmann family.

Edward Bachmann 1880 census Farrar MO
1880 census – Farrar, MO

Right below yesterday’s character, Ernst Bachmann, you will see a seven year old orphan girl by the name of Rosaline Upton.  She will be the subject of today’s post.  Just who was she?  In later documents, we see her first name also being Rosalia, Rosalie, Rose, and Rosella.

Rosalie Upton was the daughter of John W. and Sarah (Clary) Upton.  She was born on November 29, 1873.  She was about the same age as Ernst Bachmann.  When we look back to the 1870 census, we find the Uptons living very near the Bachmanns.  In fact, we find the Bachmann family on page 3 of that census and the Upton couple on page 4.

John Upton 1870 census Brazeau Township MO
1870 census – Brazeau Township, MO

Let’s backtrack a little.  John W. Upton was the son of Zachariah and Emilia (Davis) Upton.  We find them living in the Cinque Hommes Township of Perry County in 1850 where Zachariah was a laborer.  John’s parents are said to have been born in Tennessee.

John Upton 1850 census Brazeau Township MO
1850 census – Cinque Hommes Township, MO

John was listed in the 1860 census living with a Clifton family and working on his farm.  As for Sarah Clary, we find her in the 1860 census from the Cinque Hommes Township where she is living with her parents, John and Martha Clary.

Sarah Clary 1860 census Cinque Hommes MO
1860 census – Cinque Hommes Township, MO

John Upton married Sarah Clary on March 22, 1870.  They must have been newlyweds when they showed up on the 1870 census.  This is a Perry County record of their marriage.

Upton Clary marriage record Perry County MO 1870
Upton/Clary marriage record – Perry County, MO

Rosalia was born in 1873, but then it seems that her mother died.  There is a record from Perry County that shows John Upton married again in 1876.  Here is that record.

Upton Fasott marriage record Perry County 1876 transcribes his bride’s name as Nancy Fasott.  That name looked enough like Fassold or Fassel that I had to look in our German Family Tree for such a name and marriage, but to no avail.  There is also another Perry County document for this marriage.

Upton Gault marriage record Perry County MO 1876

This one gets transcribed as Nancy Gault.  One thing is sure.  Her first name was Nancy.  In 1876, a Missouri census was taken, and we find this record for the Upton family.

John Upton 1876 census Salem Township MO
1876 Missouri census – Perry County, MO

We see that John’s wife was Nancy.  We also see Rosalia as Rosa L.  There is also a boy named Edgar, which makes it very likely that when Nancy married John in 1876, she had been previously married with a son by her previous marriage.  We also find the Henry Bachmann family a few pages earlier in this Missouri census.

Henry Bachmann 1876 MO census
1876 Missouri census – Perry County, MO

So now we have narrowed down the time when Rosalia must have become an orphan and moved into the Bachmann family.  It must have occurred sometime between 1876 and 1880.  It may have happened that both John and Nancy died in that time period.  I suppose another scenerio might be that Nancy chose not to keep her step-daughter, Rosalia after her husband died.  I looked for individuals that may have matched either Nancy or Edgar, but was not successful.

We do know that Henry and Ernestine Bachmann raised Rosalia.  She was confirmed at Salem Lutheran Church in Farrar, Missouri in 1887.  She is referred to both as Rosalia Upton and Rosalia Bachmann in documents.  Then on November 2, 1893, Rosalia married Alwin Magwitz at Salem Lutheran Church.  That would make today their 125th anniversary.  This is their marriage record.  I wish I could post an image of their marriage record from the Salem records, but I am out of town.  I also wish that I had a wedding photo for this couple.

Magwitz Bachmann marriage license
Magwitz/Bachmann marriage license

This document shows Rosalia as using the surname Bachmann.  Our German Family Tree says that Alwin and Rosalia had four children.  Then in 1900, Rosalia died of pneumonia.  Her death record in the Salem books says she was 26 years old and that 3 children survived her.  She probably is buried in the Salem Lutheran Cemetery, but there is no photo of her gravestone.

Alwin married again in 1901 to Frieda Schuessler of Frohna.  The German Family Tree shows six children born into the family from this couple.  Alwin died in 1946; Frieda died in 1959.  These two are buried together in the Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery in Perryville, Missouri.

Alvin and Frieda Magwitz gravestone Immanuel Perryville MO
Alwin and Frieda Magwitz gravestone – Immanuel, Perryville, MO

The German Lutherans of Perry County have had a history of taking orphans into their families in time of need.  Many times these orphans were taken into the families of relatives.  On other occasions, German Lutherans would take in children from other German Lutheran parents that died.  In a few instances, such as this one, we find a German Lutheran family that was willing to take in a child from a family of a different religion and nationality.  In a time when the government did not have a process for putting orphans into other families, these folks would step up to the plate and get the job done themselves.



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