“Blog Book 3” Added to Online Store

Blog Book 3 is the third publication in a series of booklets containing hard copies of numerous posts which have been previously published on the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum website.  As of today, it is available in our Online Store at a cost of $10 plus shipping and handling.

Blog Book 3

This latest edition of our Blog Books is 273 pages long and contains posts which were published from October of 2016 until January of 2017.  One feature that is no longer in this edition is an index in the back.  We felt that the production of an index was slowing down our publication of this book, so we decided not to include one.

We would like to thank Thrivent Financial for providing the funds we needed to produce several copies of these books.  One of our Thrivent members applied for a $250 gift card to be used to pay for the production cost of our current supply of Blog Book 3.  As a result, when our museum sells this item, we receive 100% profit.  The sale of books like this one helps us to keep the doors of our museum open.  They are a great fund raiser for the Perry County Lutheran Historical Society.

Not only are these Blog Books on sale through our Online Store, but they can also be purchased in our museum’s Gift Shop.  If you visit our museum, you can purchase these items without having to pay for shipping and handling.  Much of our Gift Shop is stocked with a variety of books that have local historical significance.


There are two main reasons that we publish these Blog Books.  One reason, as mentioned before, is to raise money so that we can keep our museum going.  The other reason is we feel strongly that the stories which have been written on our website blog should be preserved in another format.  If anything tragic should ever happen to the blogs which are only stored on our website by our hosts at WordPress, they would be lost forever.  We do not want that to happen.  Now we have 300 blog posts preserved on good, old-fashioned paper.  Also, in the process of making it possible to print these books, it was necessary to get these blogs saved in a digital form.  Therefore, we now have them stored on a few computers and other types of digital storage devices.

We think that our Blog Books would make great Christmas presents.  If you know someone who has an interest in the past history of this area, you might consider getting them a blog book or two or three for the upcoming holiday.  By purchasing books like these, you will not only be blessing people with some interesting stories to read, but you will also be doing a small part in supporting our museum’s mission.

I suppose it is now time to get to work on Blog Book 4.  I guess I should let you know that the plan right now is to have the upcoming blog books contain just 50 blog posts, not 100 as in the past.  A certain blog author has lately been writing posts that are much longer than they used to be.  As a result, the books need to be a bit smaller in order for us to bind them together using the equipment we have.

As is always the case, if you wish to read past blog posts, you can always navigate your way back to them by using this website.  We now have over 900 posts that have been published on this blog.  That should keep you busy for a while.


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