Landgraf-Lindner Links

If you look at the list of immigrants found toward the back of the book, Zion on the Mississippi, you will find these entries among the passengers whose surnames begin with the letter “L”.

Before I go any further, let me tell you how I got involved looking at connections between two names in our German Family Tree.  Maria Magdalena Landgraf was born 175 years ago on December 2, 1843.  She was the daughter of the Landgrafs shown in the above image….Christian Friedrich and Johanne Christliebe (Esche) Landgraf.  Magdalena was born in St. Louis and baptized at Old Trinity Lutheran Church.  She would have been baptized in the church sanctuary that was about to celebrate its first anniversary since being dedicated on December 4, 1842.

As it turns out, Magdalena married Christian Roth in Perry County in 1862, and that Roth family became quite well populated with Roth descendants.  I looked back and discovered that I have already told the story of Christian Roth on this blog.  Therefore, I thought I would have to look for another starting point for a story.  However, before leaving this Landgraf story behind, I had a question in my mind.

Magdalena had only one sister before both her parents died before the end of 1860.  Therefore, the Landgraf surname was not going to be passed onto the next generation by these two daughters.  Yet, I know that there are several Landgrafs in our German Family Tree.  I asked myself if there was any connection between these Landgrafs who were part of the original Gesellschaft and the other Landgrafs that must have shown up on the scene later.

The other Landgrafs to be found in this area mostly ended up in the northern part of Cape Girardeau County in the congregations of New Wells and Pocahontas.  They seem to originate from a man by the name of Herman Landgraf.  The first church record we have for Herman was his marriage, which took place at Concordia Lutheran Church in Frohna. 

Landgraf/Naeser marriage record – Concordia, Frohna, MO

You might have to look closely, but this record states that Herman Landgraf was the stepson of Gottfried Lindner.  As you see in the first image shown above, there were two young men named Lindner who came to America in 1839.  Those two Lindners were both weavers, just like Christian Landgraf.  All of them were also from the city of Mittel-Frohna. 

This got me to wondering if Herman Landgraf could have also been from Mittel-Frohna.  I looked for an immigration record that may have shown some Lindners coming to America with a Landgraf.  After all, if Herman Landgraf was the stepson of a Lindner, his mother must have married a Landgraf before marrying a Lindner.  I found the passenger list shown below.  It is from the ship, Mercury, which landed in New York City in 1848.

Lindners and Landgraf – Mercury passenger list

This shows what looks like a G. Lindner, who is a weaver, that appears to be the head of the family.  Below some Lindner children, we find Herman Landgraf at the age of 14.  The age for Herman fits, as well as the age for Gottfried.  Our German Family Tree also includes a child by the name of Christian Lindner who would have been two years old in 1848.  I believe this is the Lindner family that settled in Perry County that had a Landgraf child.  This Lindner family from the 1850 census from Brazeau Township corresponds with the names on this passenger list as well.  Herman and Ernestina would have really had the surname Landgraf.

1850 census – Brazeau Township, MO

I wish the passenger list indicated the city from which the family came.  I think there is a good chance this family was from the area around Mittel-Frohna. 

I have not found conclusive evidence that Christian Friedrich Landgraf was related to Herman Landgraf, but at this point, I see some evidence which points in that direction.  I may just have to do some more searching.

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