Happy Birthday, Concordia Seminary

I will be traveling today, so I thought I would reblog this story that was published on December 9th last year. Tomorrow will once again be the birthday of Concordia Seminary. Publishing this today will give you an opportunity to remember this event a day before it actually occurs. I have located another story that I want to publish tomorrow after I get home. By the way, the forecast for Altenburg tomorrow is a low in the 20’s and going up into the 30’s. It will be another brisk, cold December 9th in Perry County.

Some folks might think of December 9th as the day on which Charlie Brown’s Christmas first aired in 1965.  I prefer to think that the first airing of Charlie Brown’s Christmas took place on the 126th anniversary of the opening of the Log Cabin College in Altenburg in 1839.  That makes today the 178th anniversary of that event.

Opening a school in a log cabin in the month of December is not what you would expect.  As I am writing this post this morning, the thermometer I have here at my house reads 25 degrees.  Yesterday, it was 15.  I have to think that the Log Cabin College must have been a very cold place to attend school on those December days in 1839.  The cabin had no fireplace, and it would also be my guess that they did not have a stove to put into the cabin either.  I…

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