Perry County Percolating into Coffeyville

I discovered that Anna Margaretha Miesner was born on February 13, 1883, so I decided to see where her story would lead.  Her story would lead me to another discovery, and I will attempt to share that discovery in this post today.

Right away, I ran into a little difficulty.  It just so happens that there was another Anna Margaretha Miesner that can be found in our German Family Tree who was born in June of 1884.  I realized right away that I should not get these two individuals confused.  I have already written a post about the other Anna Margaretha Miesner, who was born in Farrar, Missouri, which was titled, Miesner/Miesner Marriage.  That Anna married Henry Miesner from Jacob, Illinois, and Henry was the cousin of the Anna Margaretha I am highlighting in this post.

The Anna Margaretha Miesner who was born on today’s date was born in Jackson County, Illinois and baptized at Christ Lutheran Church in Jacob.  Her parents were John and Anna (Luedemann) Miesner. (Yes, her mother was another Anna Miesner.)  Below is her baptism record in two images.

Anna Margaretha Miesner baptism record 1 Christ Jacob IL

Anna Margaretha Miesner baptism record 2 Christ Jacob IL
Anna Margaretha Miesner baptism record – Christ, Jacob, IL

By the way, here is the baptism record for the other Anna Margaretha Miesner that we find in the Salem, Farrar church books.

Anna Margaretha Miesner baptism record Salem Farrar MO
Anna Margaretha Miesner baptism record – Salem, Farrar, MO

Before she was married, we see Anna in the 1900 census for Fountain Bluff Township in Illinois.  Anna was the oldest living child.

Anna Miesner 1900 census Fountain Bluff Township IL
1900 census – Fountain Bluff Township, IL

John Hollmann arrived in America in 1892 when he was 14 years old.  He was the son of Cord and Engel (Miesner) Hollmann.  That should make you scratch your head.  John’s mother was yet another Miesner.  John Hollmann and Anna Margaretha Miesner were married on April 23, 1903 at Christ Lutheran in Jacob.  Below is their marriage record from that church.

Hollmann Miesner marriage record Christ Jacob IL
Hollmann/Miesner marriage record – Christ, Jacob, IL

Please note that John was born in Bartelsdorf, Germany.  After they were married, John and Anna farmed near Jacob, Illinois.  The 1910 census shows this family in Fountain Bluff Township.  By then, this couple had three children.

John Hollmann 1910 census Fountain Bluff Township IL
1910 census – Fountain Bluff Township, IL

The 1920 census shows that the Hollmann’s were still farming in the Fountain Bluff Township, but sometime before 1925, they moved to Nowata County in Oklahoma.  Here we see the 1930 census for Hickory Township in Nowata County.  In this census, you can see all 8 of their children.  Only the last one was born in Oklahoma.

John Hollmann 1930 census Hickory Township Nowata OK
1930 census – Hickory Township, Nowata, OK

I was snookered for a little while because there is a Hickory, Oklahoma, but that is not where the Hollmann’s lived.  They were in Hickory Township which is located in northern Oklahoma quite near the city of Coffeyville, Kansas.  Coffeyville is located right on the Kansas/Oklahoma border.  Once I discovered its location, a bell went off in my head.  I recalled a fairly recent post in which this area was mentioned.  That post was titled, Bachmann Goes to Washington.  That was a story about Arthur Bachman who ended up in Washington County, Oklahoma which is also near Coffeyville.  Arthur lived near Wann, Oklahoma.  You can see Wann and Coffeyville in the map below.  The county just to the east of Wann is Nowata County where the Hollmann’s lived.

Coffeyville KS map

When John filled out his World War II draft card, he gave his address as Coffeyville, Kansas, but he said he lived 5 miles south of that town.  If you go 5 miles south of Coffeyville, you find yourself in Oklahoma.

John Hollmann – WWII draft card

Please note that John put the name E.C. Miesner as the person who would always know his address.  This indicates that Anna was not the only Miesner in that vicinity.  What is amazing is that this E.C. Miesner is actually the brother of the other Anna Margaretha Miesner.

Now that I had identified at least two different former Perry County natives living in that area, I decided to take a quick look to see if I could find more.  I found an Edmund Mangels just one page away from the Hollmann’s in the 1930 census.  I now know there was a Mangels family that also moved to this area.  I may have to tell that story someday.

John died in 1963; Anna died in 1965.  They are buried together in the Restlawn Cemetery in Coffeyville, Kansas.

John and Anna Hollmann gravestone Restlawn Coffeyville KS
John and Anna Hollman gravestone – Restlawn, Coffeyville, KS

I found 10 entries in this cemetery that contained the name Miesner.  Another 10 contained the name Mangels, 6 contained Bachmann, and 7 contained Hollmann.

Before I close, let me also point out that the nearest fair-sized town in Oklahoma to where the Hollmann’s lived is Bartlesville.  So John started his life in Bartelsdorf and ended his life near Bartlesville.

The word “percolate” means to “trickle slowly”.  I guess you could say that several names from Perry County managed to percolate into the Coffeyville area.  I am going to have to keep my eyes open for other Perry County names to show up there.




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