You Must Be Present to Win

I learned today that my friend, Rev. Paul Borgman has entered a hospice journey from life to life. Pastor Paul and his wife, Pat are our beloved museum friends, patrons, and are family to many around here. I want to say in this public forum that I love them. Pat always knows exactly what we need at the Lutheran Heritage Center, and finds a way for it to happen. Mostly what we have needed is her presence in our lives-she teaches us much. Her hubby, Pastor Paul has not been here with us as often, but his positive impact for us is profound. Let me tell you my story of a day he spent with us. Some years back, we were having a big meeting with a potential donor to finish up our Research Library Reading Room. Pastor Paul recognized my anxiety and asked me what was going on, and I explained that I was frightened and a bit frozen. He prayed with me, and offered to sit with me through the meeting. Paul added positively to the negotiation, and provided me with the confidence of his presence. Just like Pat, he gave us what we needed to move forward with our mission–courage and his presence. The meeting was a great success, and it brought the hard efforts of so many to a place where we could complete what is now an incredible research library that has served so many people. Paul and Pat consistently have taught us about the power of ‘just being present.’ Pastor Paul’s leadership that day pushed our research mission forward, enabling us to have what we needed to pull off our dream. I will never forget that day. Please support our dear friends with your prayers.

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