Getting Back to Business

I have a few days ahead of me that will keep me from doing any research for this blog, so it is likely that it will be early next week before I am able to get back to this business of writing stories from East Perry County’s past.  I think I will experience a few withdrawal symptoms as a result.  My wife is celebrating with old friends who graduated from high school together 50 years ago.  I will be joining in those festivities.  Leading up to those events, we have also enjoyed spending time with another special little one in our family.


I do want to take the few moments I have today to share a few happenings at our museum.  To sum up, there are great things going on in Altenburg.  We have received some really wonderful new artifacts in recent months.  One of the ones that I especially appreciate is the book containing the town ordinances and minutes from Wittenberg, beginning in 1867.

Wittenberg Town Ordinances
Wittenberg Town Ordinances and Minutes

This artifact should provide us with many insights into the lives and activities that took place in this river town which no longer exists.  We have also been gifted with several photographs, books, items of clothing, and many other pieces of our past.  It has been exciting to have new items to display and new information to read.

Next Tuesday, Carla Jordan will be hosting a book club at our museum.  I am honored that she will be using my book, Wittenberg ’03: Coming of a Church, for discussion.

IMG_0668 (Edited)

That  book club will be meeting over the course of the next several weeks.  Let me add that the sales of this book have been quite good.  I am especially pleased with that because a healthy share of the proceeds for this book go to benefit our museum.  I will also encourage anyone who has already read the book to write a review of it on Amazon’s website.  I hear that reviews placed there really contribute to the sale of the books.

Starting this Wednesday, several local pastors will be leading Bible classes at our site.  These classes will be discussing chapters from the book of Psalms.  These classes take place from 9:00-10:00 am, right before our doors open for business.  These studies will take place throughout the summer.  We are so pleased to have so many of our local pastors who are willing to help us learn more from God’s Word.

One more item.  Many of you have already heard that our incredibly dedicated worker, Gerard Fiehler, has had a medical scare, and as of this writing, is still in the hospital.  First of all, I am sure there is no one who is more anxious for him to be back at the museum than he is himself.  Yet the rest of us are also eagerly awaiting him to get back to full health and once again join us back in Altenburg.  A hospital is not where Gerard belongs.  He belongs with us at the museum, helping with research, telling stories, and keeping the place running.  We continue to pray for his healing.  Below we see Gerard in his happy place (although he also has some other local “happy places” that he’s missing as well).


All in all, it’s about time for both Gerard and me to get back to business.  It certainly is an enjoyable business.

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