2018 Immigration Conference Follow-Up

The 2018 Immigration Conference is now history.  We at the museum consider it a rousing success.  We received much positive feedback from those who attended the conference.  Also, we considered the ones who attended the conference an outstanding group of people.  Many new friends were made.  I have spent some time putting together a slide … More 2018 Immigration Conference Follow-Up

Blog VIP’s

First of all, I must tell you why I am posting this type of story today.  I spent quite a bit of time researching a story and was getting really close to writing it, but then I found even more information about that story.  The new information caused me to make the decision to write … More Blog VIP’s

Blue…..Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue….Christmas

Last night, the Perry County Lutheran Historical Society held one of its regular business meetings at our museum.  As we were sitting in the Research Library listening to committee reports, we heard a loud crash on the other side of the bookcases.  We immediately knew that one of our Christmas trees had “taken a dive”.  … More Blue…..Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue….Christmas