A Lot in the Lorenz Lineage

Because we have a few researchers scheduled to be at our museum today, I had determined not to publish a post.  However, a few days ago, we received a photograph which might be of interest to a lot of our readers.  It is even a photograph that has the subjects of the photograph identified.  The photograph shows members of the Emanuel Lorenz family which was taken on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Emanuel and his wife, Martha (Soehl) Lorenz in 1936.  I have published a few photos of this family on this blog before.  I even published another photograph taken on the same day which only includes the parents and their children.  Today’s photo is even more amazing because it includes not only Grandpa and Grandma and their children, but also their grandchildren.  It must have been a monumental chore to get all these people to look at the camera and sit or stand still.  First, here is the entire photograph including all the background.  It was taken in front of Salem Lutheran Church in Farrar, Missouri.

Emanuel Lorenz family 1
Emanuel Lorenz family

I figure most people will desire to see the people in the photograph, not the background, so I have cropped the photo to just include the people, thus enlarging them somewhat.

Emanuel Lorenz family 2

I am going to list the people in the photo in the way they were given to me.  The lists identify people from left to right.  I have also included some more close-ups from this photo below this list.

Row 1 – Grandchildren

  • Florence ‘Koenig’ Guemmer
  • Vercile ‘Schmidt’ Strege
  • Roy Lorenz
  • Arnie Lorenz
  • Robert Lorenz
  • Gladys ‘Lorenz’ Engert
  • Joan ‘Lorenz’ Redolf
  • Lucille ‘Lorenz’ Fritsche
  • Homer Verseman
  • Milton Verseman
  • Wilmar Koenig
  • Willis Koenig
  • Oliver Koenig
  • Ruben Koenig
  • Bernice Lorenz

Row 2 – Children

  • Ernst Lorenz
  • Theodore Lorenz
  • Martin Lorenz
  • Joseph Lorenz
  • Gottfried Lorenz (Fritz)
  • Grandma Martha ‘Soehl’ Lorenz
  • Grandpa Emanuel Lorenz
  • Mary ‘Lorenz’ Verseman
  • Frieda ‘Lorenz’ Petzoldt
  • Amanda ‘Lorenz’ Koenig (holding Marvin Koenig)
  • Herbert Lorenz (holding son, Earl)
  • Dorothy Koenig (married a Koenig)

Row 3

  • Mary ‘Meyer’ Lorenz
  • Clara ‘Kassel’ Lorenz
  • Meta ‘Palisch’ Lorenz
  • Frieda ‘Bachman’ Lorenz
  • Martha ‘Rauss’ Lorenz
  • Olga Loren Goebel (grandchild – holding her son)
  • Vernon Goebel (son-in-law to Fred)
  • Fred Verseman (Mary’s husband)
  • (In front of Fred) Vera Verseman – grandchild
  • Eldor Petzoldt – Frieda’s husband
  • John (Hans) Koenig – Amanda’s husband
  • Eugenia ‘Burroughs’ Lorenz (daughter-in-law) Herb’s wife holding Ruby ‘Lorenz’ Steffens – granddaughter
  • Dorothy ‘Verseman’ Koenig – granddaughter

Row 4 – All grandchildren

  • Edgar Lorenz
  • Opal Lorenz
  • Delmar Lorenz
  • Irma ‘Lorenz’ Hoffstetter
  • Lou Hoffstetter
  • Walter Gareau
  • Olga Gareau
  • Hildegard ‘Verseman’ Guth
  • Alice ‘Lorenz’ Wichern
  • Francis Koenig – never married
  • Evelyn Koenig
  • Vera ‘Verseman’ Schulte

Row 5

  • Hubert Lorenz
  • Gilbert Lorenz
  • Raymond Lorenz
  • Wilbert Lorenz
  • Alice ‘Lorenz’ Wichern

Not on picture:  3 grandchildren born after this anniversary

  • Jane ‘Koenig’ Short – child from Amanda
  • Verlin Lorenz – child of Herbert
  • Cheryl Lorenz – child of Herbert

Emanuel Lorenz family left
Emanuel Lorenz family – left side

Emanuel Lorenz family center
Emanuel Lorenz family – center

Emanuel Lorenz family right
Emanuel Lorenz family – right

Keep in mind that I did not do any research on these names.  I am counting on the list I was given to be correct.  Enjoy!


I am adding a few extra photos of Gladys (Lorenz) Engert, who entered her heavenly home on December 28, 2021. Gladys was a faithful docent and supporter of our museum for a lot of years. She will be missed greatly. On the left is Gladys in the photograph highlighted in this post; on the right is a more recent photo of her.

Gladys’s obituary can be found on the link below.


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    One of our faithful docents, Gladys Engert, has passed away and will be greatly missed at our museum. Today, I chose to re-blog a post written about Gladys’s Lorenz family. I have placed some additional photos of Gladys at the end of this post, along with a link to her obituary. I will be headed back to Altenburg today to attend her funeral tomorrow.

  2. Thank you. My dad, Hubert, top row, first left.
    Remember many of these relatives from my growing up in Farrar.

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