Stop the Traffic! Let’s Have a Parade!

On normal days in Altenburg, Missouri, whose roadside sign proclaims it to have a population of 352, we do not have traffic issues.  However, once a year, on the occasion of the East Perry Community Fair, we do have traffic congestion.  And when it comes time for the parade, that traffic has to be stopped.  Yesterday was Parade Day at the Fair.  Today, you get parade photos with a little bit of commentary.

First, in an effort to make this post have just a little bit of historical perspective, here are a few photos of scenes from “Parades Past”.  (All the thumbnails shown today can be clicked to enlarge.)

Many folks arrived very early to stake out their spots for the parade which takes place on Fair Friday.  Some even place their chairs out the night before.  Here are some scenes from town as people get ready to view the Parade.

In the course of getting photos of people preparing for the parade, I found one of the beauty contestants from the 1951 pageant described in a post two days ago titled, Queen of the Fair and Her Court.  Here is Lorene (Schilling) Haertling still looking great today….and also my first half-cousin.

IMG_2018 (Edited)
Lorene (Schilling) Haertling and daughter

Let the Parade begin.  Rise and respect the flag.

Kirby Klaus, this year’s Grand Marshal, is a little more laid back than most grand marshals.

In my years of attending the parade, I think we had the most marching bands.

Students from local schools get to participate in the Parade.

Next, we’ll take a look at the vehicles and tractors, most of which are classics.

As usual, the animals show up at the tail end of the parade.  Not too many this year.

With the parade over, the crowds head to the fairgrounds.

Unfortunately, a late-afternoon rain shower hampered the day’s attendance.  But today is another day with a good weather forecast.  Come on out and enjoy Day 2.

Dawn of a new day

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