Another Attraction at the Fair…..Our Museum

The East Perry County Fair is just one day away.  Many preparations have already been made, and still more are happening as I write this post.  I took a trip to the fairgrounds just down the street from our museum and took some more photos this morning.  I think a general statement that can be made is that it is “the calm before the storm”.  Here is a gallery of  clickable thumbnails to illustrate this.  I did not even take the time to caption them.

If you plan to attend this fair, please keep in mind that the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum is within sight of the fairgrounds.  We would love to have you stop in for a visit.  We have a special exhibit on display right now which includes quite a few magnificent pieces of art.

Visit our museum during the Fair

The East Perry Community Fair has no admission fee and no parking fee.  The same can be said for our museum.  The weather forecast looks very good.  We hope to see you there.

My plan for the next two days is to document this fair.  Don’t expect posts that require family research.  I will become a photographer for a few days and plan to share several of them with you on this blog.  It’s also time for several visiting grandchildren to call me “Grumps”.

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