Charlie Boehme Meets Charlie Boehme

I have several errands to run today, and I had no plans to write a blog post.  However, I just had to take a quick look to see if any special event might catch my eye that occurred on November 1st.  I found one.  It also happens to be one of those occurrences that our museum director, Carla Jordan, calls “God Winks”.

Today would have been the 164th anniversary of Charles and Ernestine (Schlimpert) Boehme.  They were married on November 1, 1855 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg.  Below is the church record for that event.

Boehme Schlimpert marriage record Trinity Altenburg MO
Boehme/Schlimpert marriage record – Trinity, Altenburg, MO

This is a special couple in our museum.  Their portraits hang prominently in our research library.

Charles and Ernestine Boehme photos
Charles and Ernestine Boehme portraits at our museum

When our museum received these two portraits not long ago, a post was written about them titled, Boehme’s in Frames.  Therefore, I do not intend to retell their story today.  Instead, I want to focus on a visit we had to our museum yesterday.  Another Charles (Charlie) Boehme showed up on the scene.  He and his nephew, Chris Kassel, came to see our museum and to reunite with a few old friends and neighbors, Gerard Fiehler and Carla (Fiehler) Grebing.  Another one of Charlie’s old friends, Harry Schilling, filled out the group.

Charlie Boehme at museum
L to R:  Harry Schilling, Gerard Fiehler, Chris Kassel, Carla (Fiehler) Grebing, Charlie Boehme

Back in the ’50’s and ’60’s in Altenburg, the Boehme’s and the Fiehler’s were neighbors.  Harry Schilling was also a childhood friend of Charlie, as well as Gerard and Carla’s uncle.  These folks are chock full of stories of their childhood escapades.

Charlie Boehme had never seen the portraits we have of his great grandparents.  It was quite enjoyable for me to see his reaction to viewing those photos for the first time.  Watching and listening to his reaction to seeing those photographs was one of those occasions when we experience someone’s delight at seeing some artifact that we have on display that is important to them.  It’s the kind of event that makes our job as museum workers so fulfilling.  Charlie was even more thrilled when Gerard handed him a copy of all the Boehme information we have in our German Family Tree.

I must say that I, too, was excited to meet Charlie Boehme.  I have heard so many of Gerard’s boyhood stories, and so many of them include Charlie.  I purposely described those stories earlier as “escapades” because most of the stories involving the Boehme and Fiehler children were ones in which the participants were either “escaping” detection or “escaping” the consequences of their actions.

I also admit that I considered it quite a frightening circumstance that Charlie came to visit Gerard on Halloween Day.  I suppose I should inform the people in and around Altenburg that any prank that may have been perpetrated last night might have involved these two characters.  Another way to put it is this:  Today’s date, All Saints Day, was not named in honor of Gerard Fiehler and Charlie Boehme.


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