Henry and His Little Angel

I have been looking for an occasion to use the church records we now have in our research library from Zion Lutheran Church in Alva, Oklahoma.  Thanks to Dale Kirmse, a good friend of our museum who has also been a guest blogger, we have these records now.  Zion, Alva is one of those places that we like to call a Perry County suburb.  Many Perry County natives migrated to that area to live out their lives.

Even though today’s story ends up in Alva, it will not start there.  It actually starts in another Zion Lutheran Church.  That church is located in Independence, Kansas, and today’s birthday girl was baptized at that congregation.  In fact, I just so happened to find the church record for her baptism.  Her name was Anna Engelken, the daughter of Henry and Katharina (Ehlen) Engelken.  She was born on November 5, 1895.  I found a place on the internet that says the name Engelken possibly means “child of an angel”.  My buddy, Lutz Backmann says he thinks it sounds like engelchen, which means “little angel”.  Here is Anna’s baptism record.

Anna Engelken baptism record Zion Independence KS
Anna Engelken baptism record – Zion, Independence, KS

We also have a photograph of Anna’s parents, Henry and Katharina Engelken.

Henry and Katharinia Engelken 25th anniversary 1919
Henry and Katharina Engelken

Anna can be found in several censuses taken in Kansas.  First, here is the one taken in 1910.

Anna Engelken 1910 census West Cherry Township KS
1910 census – West Cherry Township, KS

There was a state census taken in Kansas in 1915 on which we find Anna.

Anna Engelken 1915 Kansas census West Cherry Township
1915 Kansas state census – West Cherry Township, KS

In 1916, a set of plat maps was produced for Montgomery County, Kansas, where we find the city of Independence.  On that map, we find the farm owned by the Henry Engelken family.

Henry Engelken Montgomery County KS land map 1916
Engelken land map – Montgomery County, KS – 1916

In the 1920 census, you find Anna living with a Humphrey family in Independence and working as a servant.

Anna Engelken 1920 census Independence KS
1920 census – Independence, KS

In 1921, we find one of Anna’s sisters getting married at Zion Lutheran Church in Alva, Oklahoma to a man that is shown in the records as being from Independence, Kansas.  After that, we find numerous entries for Engelken’s in the Alva church records.  It appears that the Engelken’s moved to Oklahoma around this time.   We will find out that Anna Engelken will be the 3rd wife of Henry Lohmann, but before we get to that marriage, we have a lot to fill in with Henry.

Henry Lohmann was born on August 15, 1883, the first child of Peter and Margaretha (Versemann) Lohmann.  He was baptized at Salem Lutheran Church in Farrar, Missouri.  Below is his baptism record.

Henry Lohmann baptism record Salem Farrar MO
Henry Lohmann baptism record – Salem, Farrar, MO

On November 22, 1906, Henry Lohmann married Maria Cordes at Salem, Farrar.  The church record for this wedding indicates that Henry was already living in Oklahoma.

Lohmann Cordes marriage record Salem Farrar MO
Lohmann/Cordes marriage record – Salem, Farrar, MO

We have the wedding photo for this marriage.

Henry and Marie Cordes Lohmann wedding
Henry and Maria Lohmann

Henry took his new wife to Oklahoma, and we find them living in the Ohio Township of Ellis County, Oklahoma in the 1910 census.

Henry Lohmann 1910 census Ohio Township Ellis County OK
1910 census – Ohio Township, OK

Henry and Maria had two children while living in Ellis County.  However, when Maria died at a rather early age in 1915, her death record is found in the Zion, Alva records.

Maria Lohmann death record Zion Alva OK
Maria Lohmann death record – Zion, Alva, OK

On November 18, 1919 Henry married again.  His second wife was Lillie Dubben.  Here is the record from Zion Lutheran Church in Alva for that occasion.

Lohmann Dubben marriage record Zion Alva OK
Lohmann/Dubben marriage record – Zion, Alva, OK

Lillie Dubben had been born in Sheboygen, Wisconsin, the daughter of August and Emilie (Schlenten) Dubben.  It was not until the 1910 census when we find this Dubben family living near Alva, Oklahoma.  Henry and Lillie had two children who were baptized at Zion.  Here are those baptism records.

Helena Lohmann baptism record Zion Alva OK
Helene Lohmann baptism record – Zion, Alva, OK
Edmond Lohmann baptism record Zion Alva OK
Edmond Lohmann baptism record – Zion, Alva, OK

The 1920 census shows Henry and Lillie.

Henry Lohmann 1920 census Spring Township OK
1920 census – Spring Township, OK

Then in 1927, Lillie died.  We have her death record from Zion.

Lillie Lohmann death record Zion Alva OK
Lillie Lohmann death record – Zion, Alva, MO

That finally leads us back to Anna Engelken.  She married Henry Lohmann on January 20, 1929 at Zion.  We have that marriage record.

Lohmann Engelken marriage record Zion Alva OK
Lohmann/Engelken marriage record – Zion, Alva, OK

Yet another child was born to Henry and Anna.  Here is that baptism record.

Louise Lohmann baptism record Zion Alva OK
Louise Lohmann baptism record – Zion, Alva, OK

This story has certainly led me to some interesting sources for information.  First of all, I had the opportunity to look through the Zion, Alva church records.  Secondly, it was Dale Kirmse’s family history on Ancestry.com that contains a lot of good information especially about the Lohmann family.  Yet another family history on Ancestry.com put there by someone in the Engelken family gives much information about that part of this story.  In fact, it is from that history that I found some photographs of the Engelken family.

Here is a photo taken of the Engelkin family in 1936.  Since they were living in Alva, I assume that is where this was taken.  Anna (Engelken) Lohmann is the woman standing in the back row on the far left.  By the way, the woman standing in the middle of the back row was Auguste (Engelken) Lohmann, who married Henry’s brother, Theodore.

Henry and Katharina Engelken family 1936
Engelken family photo

Another photo was taken in 1943 of the grandchildren of Henry and Katharina Engelken.  It is likely that some of the children in this photo were part of the Henry Lohmann family.

Engelken grandchildren 1943
Engelken grandchildren

Henry Lohmann died in 1957 at the age of 73; Anna died in 1981 at the age of 85.  Henry is buried with Anna in the Lutheran Cemetery in Alva, Oklahoma.  His first two wives are buried there also.

There are 35 burial sites in the Lutheran Cemetery in Alva that include the surname Lohmann.  We also have an exhibit on display in our museum right now that is a tribute to the out-migration in Alva, Oklahoma.

Alva Oklahoma exhibit 5
Alva, Oklahoma Out-migration Exhibit


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  1. Thanks for your work on this. I am the great grandson of Auguste and Theodore Lohmann. I inherited the pocket watch of Theodore and Auguste‘s Bible she received at her confirmation. It was printed in German. I now live in Munich, Germany and get to use the Bible regularly. I’d never seen a picture of Auguste before. She looks just like my grandmother.

    1. Ryan, I am Henry Lohmann’s grandson, and Anna was the Grandma Lohmann I knew. What was your Grandmother’s name please. In addition to running his own farm Uncle Ted Lohmann drove tractor for my Dad Walter, and he often took me fishing. Sometime with Ted Schroeder from Texas, who was married to another Engelken sister, Marie, I believe. (Can’t say for sure).

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