Herman and His Ladies

Herman Stemmermann and Anna Maria Heidt were married on this day in 1878.  Today would have been their 142nd wedding anniversary.  Before we discuss this marriage, let’s take a look at the early history of these two characters.

Herman Stemmermann was born on December 7, 1854 in Germany.  According to a future census, Herman came to America in 1871.  I found this entry for a Joh. Stemmermann who arrived in America aboard the Koln in 1871 who was the correct age.  Several family histories on Ancestry.com state that Herman was from Bremervorde, Germany.  None of those histories attach this immigration document to him, so it looks like they have not discovered this passenger list.  Yet this list also claims he was from Bremervorde, so I think there’s a good chance this is the correct Herman Stemmermann, even though he is given a different first name.

Joh. Stemmerman Koln passenger list 1871
Joh. Stemmermann – Koln passenger list – 1871

Now, we will take a look at Anna Maria Heidt.  She was born on November 21, 1860, the daughter of Herman and Adelheidt (Sticht) Heidt.  The Heidt family arrived in America aboard the Carl in 1866.  We find them on this passenger list.

Heidt family passenger list Carl
Heidt family – Carl passenger list – 1866

On May 2, 1878, Herman Stemmermann married Anna Maria Heidt at Salem Lutheran Church in Farrar, Missouri.  Here is the church record for that wedding.

Stemmerman Heidt marriage record Salem Farrar MO
Stemmermann/Heidt marriage record – Salem, Farrar, MO

There is also this civil marriage record.

Stemmerman Heidt marriage record
Stemmermann/Heidt marriage record – Perry County, MO

The 1880 census shows this couple included in a rather interesting household.  It included Anna Maria’s family, along with Henry Hadler, who was an ancestor to plenty of Hadler’s in this area.

Herman Stemmerman 1880 census Salem Township MO
1880 census – Salem Township, MO

If we were able to view the 1890 census, we could still see these two along with the 4 daughters that were born into their family, but that census was destroyed.  Anna Maria died in 1891 at the age of 30.  We can view the church death record for her.  Maybe someone could tell me what this record indicates as the cause of death.

Anna Maria Stemmerman death record Salem Farrar MO
Anna Maria Stemmermann death record – Salem, Farrar, MO

Anna Maria was buried in the Salem Lutheran Cemetery in Farrar.

Anna Maria Stemmerman gravestone Salem Farrar MO
Anna Maria Stemmermann gravestone – Salem, Farrar, MO

On April 24, 1892, Herman Stemmermann remarried.  His second wife was Catherine Heimbecher.  Catherine was born on October 2, 1855, the daughter of Johann and Maria (Doering) Heimbecher.  Johann Heimbecher arrived in America in 1852 aboard the Alfred.

Johannes Heimbecher Alfred passenger list 1852
Johann Heimbecher – Alfred passenger list – 1852

One big mystery in this post is the fact that all except one census record for Catherine Heimbecher say she was born in Pennsylvania.  We find her in the 1860 census for Brazeau Township.

Catherine Heimbecher 1860 census Brazeau Township MO
1860 census – Brazeau Township, MO

In the 1870 census, we find Catherine had a younger brother named Gustav.

Catherine Heimbecher 1870 census Brazeau Township MO
1870 census – Brazeau Township, MO

Before I continue, I want to take some time to discuss some research challenges I sometime face.  First, there is the problem with spellings of surnames.  This Stemmermann name really had some interesting variations.  I was having trouble finding the 1900 and 1910 census records for this household.  I turned to the printed version of the 1900 census that we have in our research library to look for Herman.  I found him in that book listed as Herman Stiemermann.  That led me to look for him under that name on Ancestry.com.  I was unsuccessful.  That leads me to a second issue with finding census records.  When I cannot find a record on Ancestry, but I can find it in the printed book, my next step is to find a name located near the one I am looking for.  I did that in this case and was able to find Herman in the 1900 census.  Ancestry transcribed his name as Herman Stermetmann.  Here is the entry for the Stemmermann’s in the 1900 census for Salem Township.

Herman Stemmerman 1900 census Salem Township MO
1900 census – Salem Township, MO

Next, I found Herman in the printed book of the 1910 census.  That publication called him Herman Stuemermann.  I proceeded to look for him on Ancestry using that spelling, but with no success.  So, I had to look for other neighbors like I did before, and I did find him.  On Ancestry, his name was transcribed as Herman Shiemermann.  Here is the 1910 entry.  This time, we find the Stemmermann family living in the Brazeau Township.

Herman Stemmerman 1910 census Brazeau Township MO
1910 census – Brazeau Township, MO

Before I move on, allow me to show a few photographs which were taken of the Stemmermann family including the four daughters.  First, take a look at this one.

Herman Stemmermann family
Stemmermann family

There are family histories on Ancestry that identify the wife of Herman who is standing at the left of him, as Anna Maria.  However, I think that is incorrect.  When Anna Maria died in 1891, the youngest girl standing on the far right was just 4 years old.  She looks quite a bit older than that in this photo.  Therefore, I think the woman who is in this photo was Catherine, Herman’s second wife.  Next, here is a photo of the Stemmermann home with Herman and four females standing on the front porch.  I’ll let you determine who they are.

Stemmerman home
Stemmermann home

I think it is safe to say that these two photos were taken when the Stemmermann’s lived in Salem Township.  When the 1915 plat maps were produced, we find a piece of property owned by H. Stemmermann.  It was so close to Altenburg that it showed up in the map of the town in that collection of maps.

H Stemmerman land map 1915
Stemmermann land map – 1915

The last census in which we find Herman and Catherine was the one taken in 1920.

Herman Stemmerman 1920 census Brazeau Township MO
1920 census – Brazeau Township, MO

Catherine Stemmermann died in 1925 at the age of 69.  Even her death certificate shows her birthplace as Pennsylvania.  By the way, I had difficulty finding this document because of spelling.  It was found under the name Stimmermann.

Catherine Stemmerman death certificate
Catherine Stemmermann death certificate

I will also display the death record from the Trinity Lutheran Church books in Altenburg.

Catherine Stemmerman death record Trinity Altenburg MO
Catherine Stemmermann death record – Trinity, Altenburg, MO

Herman Stemmermann died in 1927 at the age of 72.  Once again, this certificate was found under the name Stimmermann.

Herman Stemmerman death certificate
Herman Stemmermann death certificate

Here is the church death record from Trinity for Herman.

Herman Stemmerman death record Trinity Altenburg MO
Herman Stemmermann death record – Trinity, Altenburg, MO

Herman and Catherine are buried in the Trinity Lutheran Cemetery in Altenburg.

Because he had all girls, the Stemmermann name would disappear from this area.  The Heimbecher name is also not found anymore either.  Catherine’s brother, Gustav Heimbacher, got married, but all of his children were girls, so that name disappeared as well.

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